Outdoor sauna, wellness sauna house

Unique combined wellness sauna house based on personalized design
  • Unique combined wellness sauna house based on personalized design
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  • Luxury wellness house
  • Finnish sauna with infrared therapy
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  • Sauna wellness house
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  • Outdoor sauna house
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  • Finnish sauna house
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  • Outdoor wellness sauna house

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Outdoor sauna, wellness sauna house 

As a brand, iSauna has made its way to become a unique and professional indoor and outdoor sauna manufacturer.

Our superior quality indoor saunas have given us the strength and idea to target the outdoor sauna manufacturing sector as well.

Hungary and the neighbouring countries have shown growing demand for combined outdoor saunas for their suitability for use throughout the year.

Classic Finnish sauna is the most popular choice for cold fall and winter months, while infrared saunas deliver pleasant deep warm therapy for families during the hot months. Our core working principle is providing luxury and comfort in modern homes. Key aspects include comfort, use of natural premium materials, harmony and preciseness.

Our outdoor saunas are built with design and construction solutions that provide for elegant, traditional and detailed results.
Designer creations are made with luxurious approach in mind and based on the individual needs and requirements of the customer.

We deliver outdoor saunas from zero to hero, including designing, manufacturing and on-site installation.

This complete range of services has allowed us to gain the trust and loyalty of the most prestigious customer base on the market so they can enjoy our unique outdoor saunas day by day.

The popularity of luxurious saunas has required us to think globally and act locally. As a result, we have opened branches and been performing more and more installations in foreign countries such as the Slovakia, Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

The principle behind iSauna Manufacturing is that families need unique and customized outdoor saunas where they can leave their monotonous daily lives behind for a few hours every day and get new experiences and refreshing energy in their own homes.

The diversity of our product ranges is proven by the number of assignments we receive from expert interior designers and architects to create unique outdoor saunas for wellness solutions with various styles and functionality. Whether a complete outdoor sauna house, an outdoor sauna with canopy and jacuzzi or a combined outdoor sauna with terrace, we have the solution for our customers.

Our unique outdoor saunas give your home a specially beautiful and elegant touch. Although we always keep sauna history and traditions in mind, we are eager to use modern, stylish 21st century design in our combined saunas to keep with todays standards and complete our range of classic Finnish saunas.

No matter if you are keen on rustic, classic or modern style, we have the right solution for you. Our arhitectural renderings and realistic photomontages can help you to imagine your dream sauna house or your home wellness center. 

A good example is one of our latest outdoor sauna houses featuring Finnish and infra sauna experience, Himalayan salt therapy, a locker room and a shower room, a mini kitchen, a dining room, a rest room, a Smart TV and a design fireplace. You no longer have to leave home to enjoy a truly unique sauna séance.

During the winter months, you can step out of the sweating Finnish sauna and have some rolling in the fresh snow in your garden then continue to enjoy the benefits delivered by outdoor saunas.



Our custom-built saunas are already available with iPhone and Android APP control system! The application for this control system is FREE to download from Apple AppStore and Android Play Store:


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Premium saunas from Hungary with international TÜV certificate.

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Sauna solutions for you with Himalayan salt. Recover with salt Himalayan salt therapy!

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