Dry Finnish sauna

Dry sauna - the original Finnish sauna


The world of the sauna is a wide one. This is a world where everyone is free to select his sauna of choice. You can choose the best type of sauna depending on the result you wish to achieve.

Sauna can be relaxing or stimulating, dry or steamy, traditional or bio sauna and you may use volatile oils or salt therapy.

Dry Finnish sauna may be used for their detoxification, health improvement, but they are also perfect for the elimination of everyday problems or for the improvement of the quality and beauty of the skin.

Dry sauna:

The traditional Finnish sauna is a dry one that reaches a high temperature of 80-90°C with the help of a wood burning or electric sauna stove. As a result of the high temperature we will start to sweat immediately so toxins are released from our bodies and the condition of our skin is improved.

The temperature is high, however humidity is low. That is why we call it dry sauna.

The average time spent in a sauna is 10-15 minutes ideally followed by a 20-25 minutes nap. Such a sauna experience may be repeated several times.

After using the sauna cold water cooling is recommended. This may be a shower, however dipping or wall mounted sauna tubs are gaining ever more popularity.

Skin poles expand in dry saunas. Cold water makes poles contract so the flexibility of skin improves, our blood pressure and body temperature normalizes.

The effects of the sauna can be increased with various supplements such as sauna honey, honey soap, volatile oils or Himalayan salt therapy.

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