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Steam sauna

Steam sauna - Steam bath and sauna


Steam baths are very similar to saunas. Saunas (often called dry steam) have higher temperature and lower relative humidity than steam baths, where typical temperature is 40-60ºC, humidity however can reach even 80%. Sauna causes strong sweating, wet steam is milder though.

Steam saunas are well tolerated by people with high blood pressure, asthma or allergic symptoms to whom traditional Finnish saunas are too choking. Steam baths are to be used by children and elderly people, as well.

Steam saunas have various types. We can have steam only sauna cabins, we can combine Finnish sauna or infra sauna with steam or we may create a dream sauna solution where Finnish sauna and steam work from the same sauna stove.

Harvia Steamer steam generators are recommended to those that have a hard time coping with the high temperature of traditional sauna. It provides a milder and wetter sauna bath.

At lower temperatures with higher humidity we can enjoy the healing effects of volatile oils for a longer period, or the skin relaxing and rejuvenescent feel of sauna honey.

As a result of the steam generator the steam cabin may be used as an aroma cabin, as well. Various volatile oils, aromas have different effects to our organism. It is our choice to select the suitable scent that improves our health if combined with steam.

Steamer may be used alone in a steam cabin but we may also place it next to a sauna stove or into an infra sauna. It is a perfect supplement of the everyday use of the Finnish or infrared sauna.

Its unique accessory is a ceramic holder where we can place various volatile oils, herbs or Himalayan salt depending on our mood.


Harvia Bio stoves

The use of the Bio stoves of the Harvia company are recommended for those who enjoy both the Finnish sauna feeling and the steam.

Harvia Vega combo is the unique combination of the electric sauna stove and a steam generating unit allowing for wide varieties of use.

With its help we may use the sauna cabin as a traditional Finnish sauna, steam sauna, herbal sauna or as an aroma chamber.

A combined sauna stove combines both the electric Finnish stove and the steam generator. Its unique feature is that both of the two functions can be used simultaneously.

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