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Himalayan salt therapy in room,
salt cabin, salt cave at home!


Himalayan Salt bricks, as their name suggests, can be used for different building purposes. For example: parts of walls, room divider, salt room, salt bedroom/child room, wellness room, Himalayan salt sauna or even an entire Himalayan salt cave.

With this, we can create not only a beautiful surface but a healthy atmosphere at home, or in wellness hotels, spas, fitness centers, guest rooms, kindergartens, schools and so on.

Himalayan salt bricks are brick-shaped, graved Himalayan salt crystals, with the following dimensions: 25x12.5x2.5 cm or 20x10x2.5 cm or 20x10x5 cm. Due to the fact thath they are hand-mined products, their dimensions may vary.

The colors of the Himalayan salt bricks differ from peach to deep orange. They can be homogenious in colour or nicely veined depending on which layer of the mine they come from. Salt therapy is a wonderful way of detoxification. Himalayan salt crystals stimulate the cleaning mechanism of the body since the widely known solvent effect of the Himalayan salt can help the self-cleaning process of the respiratory tracts.

The Himalayan salt rooms and caves are aseptic, free of viruses and bacteria. Salt rooms built with Himalayan salt provide a natural method for keeping our health in check. It is full of minerals and beneficial microorganisms. It has a constant temperature and is negatively charged; all of which have highly benefitial effects on your health. Besides all of these, it contains chemical elements such as iodine, potassium, magnesium or selenium, which are all important for your body.

Your health problems can be cured naturally with the help of salt caves made of Himalayan salt. The atmosphere of Himalayan salt caves is a special, bacteriologically clean microclimate. The air in Himalayan salt caves is full of minerals and microorganisms benefitial for your health.

Effects of the Himalayan salt therapy:

  • By using the Himalayan salt room, the number of attacks are significantly reduced for those struggling with asthma
  • By using the Himalayan salt room, salt cave and salt cabin not only bronchial diseases but allergies, hay fever and the weakness of the immune system can also be improved
  • It improves the quality of your sleep

Whom is Himalayan salt therapy recommended to?

  • for healthy people too, it encourages the exercise capacity because of its long cleaning effect
  • for smokers;
  • in case of bronchial inflamed diseases
  • croup, hayfever, catarrh, stomatitis, nasal cavity diseases, ear infection, vocal
  • chord infection
  • allergic diseases
  • asthma patients
  • sportsmen
  • in case of psoriasis and eczema

Individual characteristics of the Himalayan salt:

  • contains 84 minerals and trace elements
  • fully clear, not contaminated
  • because of its evolutional circumstances the salt is unique in color and beautiful

The Himalayan salt room is germ-free, virus-free, and bacteria-free. Himalayan salt rooms and salt cabins can be set up anywhere where there is enough space.

Learn more about Himalayan Salt therapy, click here to know more about the health benefits of Himalayan salt therapy.

Make your dream about a Himalayan salt cabin come true!

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