München, Germany,
Modern finnish sauna with salt therapy

Finnish sauna of modern design
  • Finnish sauna of modern design
  • Design sauna with Himalayan salt therapy
  • 3D sauna plan

Western European sauna design with Hungarian premium quality at the best price available on the market!

One of our customers living in Munich contacted us because he wanted to have a premium quality minimalist style sauna (which he saw in Germany) at an affordable price. Conscious and detailed designing methods and concepts allowed us to leave the customer highly satisfied by accomplishing their desires in a way that is out of standard…

There is not many Finnish saunas in the world which can influence human perception and emotions purely by its existence and presence as this custom-built and streamlines Finnish sauna can. Everyone who gets a taste of the harmonic design of this sauna featuring first-class Finnish aspen wooden materials and a Himalayan salt, can testify that a new era of sauna séance has begun.

Highly lucid white external surfaces, giant transparent glazing, minimalist style Finnish Aspen bench, elegant Kivi sauna stove and hidden LED light therapy all add up to make this modern style Finnish sauna truly unique.

Our customer specially asked us to make the glazing as large as possible and the bench as thin as possible. Besides harmonic design, it was of utmost importance to keep the perfect Finnish sauna functionality to allow sweating.

We have taken these aspects into consideration to choose Clear Vision hardened glass and thin but incredibly strong Finnish Aspen lathing. Perfect Finnish sauna and steam experience is ensured by the Harvia Kivi sauna stove countersunk in the bench.

The Himalayan salt wall mounted behind the stove delivers great healthcare benefits when mated with the steam generated by the stove. The negative ion emission provided by the salt therapy causes orangish tones to appear thus giving this sauna a truly unique characteristic.

Straight lines, comfortable and minimalist bench, salt wall and the warm colour harmony provided by the LED light therapy give our latest custom-built sauna (installed in Munich) a truly noble and streamlined touch which we are so proud of.

Preciseness and luxury. Two perfect words to describe the sauna cabin shown in the picture. This Finnish sauna perfectly fits the bathroom as a harmonic jewellery of this part of the house.


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