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Where does the name ‘sauna’ comes from?

The strange but well sounding word “Sauna” is descending from the Finnish language. It describes a form of bathing that has been known in Finland for decades. When this kind of “bath” became known in Germany and other countries, the name “sauna” was introduced as well.

Why should one go to the sauna? Why is such a simple thing as taking a sauna, gaining so much popularity so quickly in a time that is characterized by technical progress and stress?

The answer lies in the true needs of people of our time; sauna fills these needs. Sauna offers a real and total relaxation of the body, ones mood, immune system and purification and internal detoxification of the body. When used regularly one will notice an improvement of different functions of the body, in particular concerning the heart and the blood circulation. An extra bonus is the common leisure activities with family or friends.

Sauna Show with honey - a sweet touch

The fragrance of aromatic oils and cognac and the beneficial impact of nectar honey is what the honey session combines the warmth of the sauna. After a short pre-sweating, the honey – now liquefied by the heat – is spread on the skin and gets absorbed through the pores. The minerals give the skin a silky and healthy touch.

Ice Mint Kamikaze

Due to the contrast of intensive hot air and the freezing ice together with the sauna master’s technique, it stimulates the blood circulation and provides a refreshing impact. Peppermint cleans up the respiratory tracts. The alternating temperature gives a pleasant feel of chilliness, and happiness hormones evolve as a result.

Citrus Cooler

The body protects itself with perspiration under the extreme conditions of the sauna, and several minerals also leave the body besides toxic materials. This is why the sauna master offers the guests fresh fruits for rubbing their skin in the sauna, and then they can also taste the fruits. Vitamins and minerals get absorbed much more intensively after the sauna.

Tia Maria – intensified with coffee

When our sauna cocktail is used at the first weekend session, the individual fragrance of coffee is mixed with the aroma of chocolate liquor and vanilla. This detoxifying and stress-relieving session awakes the body, the mind and the senses, and excellently improves your mood.

Tequila Sunrise – the spice of life

After a short pre-sweating, while the blood-stirring aroma of Tequila spreads all over the sauna, the sauna master gives the guests refined sea salt to rub into their skin that is wet with perspiration. Sea salt can be used as natural body scrub to firm up the epidermis, which makes the skin healthier. Salt also activates the perspiration glands, and thus it intensifies detoxification. It contains a lot of trace elements and minerals, which easily absorb in our skin through the expanded pores. It revives and tightens the skin and reduces the cellulite symptoms.

After Eight – mint for waking up the evening senses

The first session of the magic evening bathing party works on the senses with mint and chocolate aromas. The cooling and purifying menthol refreshes the respiratory tracts and the mind. The fragrance of chocolate releases endorphin, i.e. happiness hormones, while our sauna master continuously stirs the hot air with his sauna flag.

Pina Colada – in tropical mood

The belly dance show is followed by a sauna session in a cheerful, hot, tropical mood. The characteristic aroma of white rum mingles with the fresh fragrance of tropical fruits. The session improves the immune system and the general mood, and our sauna master guarantees an unforgettable experience, which is topped with fresh, coconut-sprinkled pineapple.

Chocolate flip – sweet feeling (steam cabin)

As against the other sessions, this show is not organised in the Finnish sauna but in the 45 °C steam sauna cabin. The guests rub their body with chocolate cream, which slowly melts due to the heat and the high humidity, and gets absorbed in the skin. This fine fragrance will narcotise you and lift you out of everyday life. The cocoa butter in chocolate contains many anti-oxidants that prevent the aging of the skin. It spectacularly improves the quality of dull and fatigued skin.

Yoghurt Dream – steaming with yoghurt (steam cabin)

This active skin-care session is also organised in the steam cabin. After a few minutes’ pre-sweating in honey and vanilla aroma, the sauna master pours yoghurt with honey into the guests’ hands, and they rub it into their skin. The warm yoghurt with its living flora makes the skin silky and healthy-looking. This is an excellent session for closing the Saturday evening.

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