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Zoltan Léder - Interior Designer - 2014

"I found the interior design plans for the Lipót bakery on your website, which convinced me of your professionalism. Based on this I offered my client to contract the Infraworld Kft. for the design and creation of the unique wellness world. I liked your openness, creativity and loyalty during the joint work. With many years of experience behind me I can say that it is very rare to find such flexibility with a manufacturer-installation company as an interior designer. I do have the feeling that we will work together again!"

Thomas Duda

"It was in November when we selected the sauna at the Törökbálint Max City, and ordered an outside sauna house from you. The site visit has taken place, with the constructive, helpful ideas, and intelligent mediation of your colleague, we selected the amenities that we need to our maximal satisfaction. We had successful discussions at the showroom as well, and although the price of the selected configuration exceeded the amount we originally intended to spend on this, the high quality showcased in the showroom convinced us. The sauna was installed at the promised time, so the family was able to enjoy together the outdoor sauna at Christmas."

"We are fully satisfied with your sauna designer colleague, he was a kind, intelligent, fair, cooperative person who assisted us with good design ideas without being pushy, and we managed to arrange for the most appropriate setup for us. The installation workers were also kind and hard-working. Such a company is rare to find, it was a pleasure to work with you."

  Dénes Herbert - 2012

"I found your company on the www.szaunagyartas.hu website and we have gained further inspiration from the www.kulteriszaunahaz.hu site. For me it was the nicest that you create your saunas according to unique needs and also provide a free 3D visual plan. We had very clear ideas about our garden sauna, however the iSauna Manufaktúra broadened our potentials. Now we know what is meant by the phrase "the custom-made sauna reflects the personality of our clients.”

Vladimir Petro - 2014

"We found the iSauna Manufaktúra on the Internet and at first it seemed to be a bizarre idea to contract a Hungarian company to design and install a high standard sauna to our house in Cyprus. The staff's openness, continuous communication, professionalism and the visual plan convinced us that we made the right decision. We started to use our sauna few days ago, and it surpassed all our imagination. Friendly greetings."

Július Suvert - 2014

"We wanted a Finnish sauna to our house being built in Slovakia, and a friend of us recommended you. Already during the first conversation you convinced us that an infrared sauna and Himalayan salt therapy is a logical choice next to the sauna. Everyone in the family can make maximum use of the various functions. We are very happy, and we hope that as a result of our recommendations, many Slovakian Hungarians will delight in this handmade Hungarian product."

Christofer Scheibenbauer - 2012

"Their work is characterized by precision, attention to detail as regards the sauna and also the clients."

Ján Gaspar - 2013

"After the inconveniences experienced during the construction I was looking for a company who handles everything in one hand from design to installation as regards wellness. Almost 150 sqm of the basement was magically transformed to a clean, functional wellness."

Jörg Hennerichi - 2014

"We thought a lot about whether to have an inside or outside sauna. Our hearts were drawn more to the outside one because of the beautiful views. We knew that we wanted minimal style, which requires a lot of glass, and we were afraid that we would not be able to properly heat it up during the winter. The helpful and patient staff reassured us and we appreciate it very much. We have already tried it and love it. "

Anita Bachmann - 2014

"Please let me thank you and your staff for the hard work and assistance, as well as the speed that was showed in the correction of the emerging problem. We are pleased to inform you that the sauna has been repeatedly tested since the last correction and with this solution it has been working flawlessly."

Anna Lukács - 2012

"Crystal formation was experienced on our outdoor Himalayan salt wall. We reported this on the company's service line, who have responded quickly and very helpfully explained the reason for that, reassured us that this is a natural reaction and drew our attention to how we can avoid it the future. For us it is very important that the company was not only helpful until the purchase was made, but also in case of a problem."

Markus Forster - 2012

"I sincerely confess that I have contacted several companies about the installation of a sauna, since I wanted to buy high quality, but for a lower price. Walking through the showrooms I saw that money reflects the quality and it is true for this product, too that the cheapest is the most expensive. I found many good companies, but I think I have chosen the best!"

Jürgen Häberle - 2013

"We live in an environmentally conscious way with my family for years, and we were looking for companies for the construction of our house and garden, who work on the basis of the same principle. For us it was important that our sauna house is made of only high quality, natural materials, and the used wood material does not hurt rainforests. As a result of the insulated glass and leds the sauna is energy efficient. We are grateful for the common way of thinking and for the perfect result."

Fritz Hubmann - 2014

"We ordered a combined sauna to our Swiss guest house that was constructed exactly according to the 3D visual plans that were discussed on the phone. Upon the receipt of the sauna we decided that we wish to keep on cooperating with your company and came up with the idea that we contract the designing of our newly built house to you. The designs perfectly reflect our taste, and special thanks to detailed plans that facilitated the work of other professions."

Andrei Mirossay - 2012

"I had dozens of question in your showroom, about using the sauna, design, materials and construction. Your colleagues willingly offered me to go to the Hédervár plant where all my questions will be answered. I welcomed the opportunity since I wanted to make sure in detail that I make the right decision if I buy from you. Your woodworking colleagues showed me everything and patiently answered all my questions."

György Berger - 2012

"During a visit to your Hédervár factory, the helpfulness of your carpenters further convinced us that we chose a good company. We got answers to all our questions, all luxury accessories were shown to us on the sauna house that was built for the west. On this basis, we also expanded our sauna house with heated rest room, artificial fireplace, sofa and Smart TV. Thank you again for the invitation!"

Ing. Koloman Olegra - 2013

"Our sauna remote control was lost by our 3 year old child, we gave a call to the central, where they immediately sent us a new remote control with courier, so the next day we could use the sauna again."

Claudia Morton - 2013

"We live in Los Angeles for a couple of years now with my partner. During our visit in Hungary we saw your work on an exhibition and immediately fell in love with an ergonomic ground surface sauna cabin. When we contacted you, we met with the same professionalism that was expressed by the saunas. The shipping to Los Angeles was not a problem, we received the relevant quote the very next day. It was a pre-arranged, professional work, your colleagues assembled the sauna in our home and it is admired by our friends here."

Norbert Kevélyi - 2014

"We especially liked the sauna web shop part on the szaunagyartas.hu website. It was easy to find the accessories right for me, which I could order immediately. I chose credit card payment, then two days later I could receive the selected products in my home."

  Mrs. Jász Ferencné - 2014

"We got to know a team of experts, who have demonstrated with their proactivity, flexible management, professionalism and commitment to development that they are worthy of cooperation."

 Bálint Surman - 2016

"Thank you for the quick and sophisticated work. I took a look onto the cabin and salt wall after my holiday. They look phantastic! I figured a cabin absolutely like this. The girl already tried the cabin, she likes it a lot! It’s atmospheric, healthy and looks good. With one word: it’s super!"

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