Architectural visualizations, 3D plans and movies

Architectural visualizations, 3D animations

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1 Basic information and location

The first step is to become familiar with the task by consulting with the customer. Our client will provide you with important information to help you get started with your design work. The idea of the customer is important information for us, which can apply to functions, but also to style and color. This is where appropriate the on-site survey.

2D design render 3D animation architecht design

2 2D design

As a second step, we outline our ideas through a floor plan sketch. In consultation with our client, we will develop the final state, which will give you a detailed plan.

3D visualization

3 3D visualization

The next step is to color your 3D rendering. We build the 3D model based on the customer-approved top view plans in step 2, and build the spatial arrangement with realistic lights and materials. By choosing the best and most spectacular viewpoints, we create professional-quality visuals.

Modern Sauna House with Terrace, Hot tub - iSauna Design Home Modern Sauna House with Terrace, Hot tub - iSauna Design Home

4 3D animation film production

With computer animation, the concept outlined on a 2D blueprint becomes realistic, both indoors and out. High-quality, photo-realistic visualization provides an opportunity for the Customer to tour his or her real estate in a realistic, crafted virtual space. If you would like to see your ideas and wishes on the blueprint in high quality, please fill out our form.

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