Himalayan salt therapy

 Himalayan salt therapy of health


Today's man and children too are put on several health harming effects. Electric tools, smog and fume damage the natural balance of positive and negative particles in the air. Our general condition depends on the quality of breathed air. If the air contains too much positive ions, it causes bad general condition, physical and psychical weakness, insomnia and immune weakness.

The himalayan salt is to our knowledge the most clear and beneficial salt. Cca 250 millions years ago in the Trias (Mesozioc), the Sun evaporated the vast global ocean leaving fully clear crystal salt behind in the bays. These salt-islands had been put under the earth during the formation of the Himalaya Mountain cca 70 million years ago, the islands were pressed because of the high pressure. So this salt is dated back to those time, where the Earth was still in its ancient and natural balance and is not obtained from today s contaminated seas. Today, this crystal salt is buried deep in the Himalaya and will gathered until today by hands.

Individual characteristics of the Himalayan salt:

• contains 84 minerals and trace elements
• fully clear, not contaminated;
• beacuse of its evolution circumstances and composition has the salt unique colours and beauty

We can use Himalayan salt bricks -as their name shows also- for several architectural aims, for example: for construction of wall parts, room divider, salt rooms, salt bedroom/childroom, wellness room, salt sauna or whole salt caves and cabins. So we can conjure not only wonderful surfaces but also healthy and healing air at home, into fittness and wellness centres, bathrooms, hotels, guest rooms, kindergarten and schools.

We can truly call these rooms the Himalayan salt wellness rooms of the future.

Salt bricks are himalayan saltcrystal in brick formes, size 20x10x5 or 30x15x3. Himalayan salt products are gathered by hand, so sizes can be geometrically different. The colours of the bricks varies from peach to dark orange, they can be unicolored or fibrous, it depends on the origine layer.

The himalayan salt therapy is a body cleansing methode. It helps the cleaning method of the body, because the breathed salt crystals encourage the self cleaning of the airways. Salt rooms with himalayan salt offer natural therapy for protecting our healths. In the himalayan salt rooms, caves, there is a unique, bacterilologically clear microclima. Its air with minerals and microorganisms with negative charge has a beneficial effect on health. In addition, it contains important chemical elements for the body (iodine, potassium, magnesium and selenium).  

The most important factor of healing effect of himalayan salt cabins is the effect on mucosa and muscles of bronchia. These natural minerals ensure the effectivity of the salt  therapy. One hour in a himalayan salt room is like one day on the seacoast.

Benefits of himalayan salt therapy:

  • by using the salt therapy, one can avoid not only bronchial diseases, but also allergical illness, hayfever, weakness of immune system.
  • It improves the sleeping quality.
  • By asthma patients lessens the number of crisises. It increases overall strenght.

Whom is it recommended to?

  • for healthy people too, it increases overall strenght because of its long cleaning effect
  • for smokers;
  • in case of bronchial inflamed diseases
  • croup, hayfever, catarrh, stomatitis, nasal cavity diseases, ear infection, vocal chord infection
  • chord infection
  • allergic diseases
  • asthma patients
  • sportsmen
  • in case of psoriasis and eczema

 Himalayan salt room is aseptic, bacteria and virus-free.  Himalayan salt rooms can be set up everywhere where there is enough space.

Make your dream Himalayan salt room come true!

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