Outdoor sauna design

 Outdoor sauna design


Benefits of our outdoor sauna can be derived from their direct contact with nature, no matter whether they are in your garden or on the terrace. Given that you handle the external temperature and other natural elements in the appropriate way, the whole range of usual indoor sauna services is available in the outdoor version. At costumers’ request, iSauna Manufacture can build saunas almost anywhere, of course, taking into account all the technical and material conditions of the spot.

However, under all circumstances, a solid, horizontal, preferably tarmac base is necessary, with a rim of 5-5 cm. Depending on the size and design of the cabin, single or three-phase electric power is needed, with an appropiate cross-network and seperate fuse. Using a shock protection relay is also recommended.

Technical terms necessary for outdoor sauna:

Ventilation: Ventilation is an essential element of a well-functioning sauna. An inconvenient, bad feeling in the sauna in most of the cases does not translate into the fact that having sauna bathes are not for you but into the lack of oxygen. Ventilation also plays an important role in the drying of the cabin since it helps eliminate residual moisture and prevent fungal infections.
In iSauna Manufacture sauna, you can find two gaps that garantee optimal ventilation and oxygenation. One just over the door, and one on the back wall.

Insulation: when a sauna is being built, special attention must be paid to insulation. iSauna Manufacture uses double heat reflectors and step-proof fiberglass insulation to ensure optimal operation

Waterproofing: The iSauna Manufacture pays special attention to the development of an appropriate base, since this is precisely the area where flawed and inefficient design can cause problems from time to time, which could also be hazardous to one’s health.

If sauna wood is not treated in the appropriate way and the covering contacts with water over a long period of time, it can lead to premature rotting and the appearance of fungal infections, which is definately hazardous to one’s health.

Wood preservation: wood used outdoors is exposed to extreme weather conditions. Constant temperature fluctuations, wind, humidity, dew, rain, snow, sun and high-energy rays harm timber and reduce the durability of the coating. The aim of exterior treatment is to preserve the beauty of wood, protect it from bad weather conditions, the burning rays of the sun and from moisture. However, solid wood preservation does not only mean that the covering is made to be waterproof but also that it is made to be breathable. Therefore iSauna Manufacture saunas’ exterior coats are treated with two layers of thin glaze.

Outdoor saunas’ roof design: roofing shingles are used for iSauna Manufacture sauna cabins. Optional colours are available on request.

Rain water drainage: all outdoor saunas need rain water drainage since being exposed to direct precipitation can cause serious damage to the cabin.

Outdoor lighting: iSauna Manufacture offers special waterproof spotlights for its products.

Intelligent Wall Control Consoles:

• Sectional efficiency and temperature control, electronic timer

• Remote contolling: set your outdoor sauna from your living room.

• Set IR radiation intensity and temperature on a percentage based scale.

• Non-freezing system

• The console is available for traditional Finnish, as well as for infrared and combined sauna cabins.

• Choose from three languages, set time and date on the backlit LCD screen.

• Sound and light alarm calls your attention to to the fact that the treatment is over.

• Over 130 Celsius°, the intelligent wall control console aborts the operation to keep you safe.

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