Sauna manufacture differently than others
  • Sauna manufacture differently than others
  • Design sauna with roller blind
  • Outdoor luxury sauna house
  • Luxury sauna house with shower
  • Finnish sauna with bio steam generator
  • Panorama sauna with Himalayan salt
  • Individual sauna house with infrared and finnish sauna technology
  • Outdoor sauna with shower room
  • Outdoor sauna house with shower
  • Outdoor sauna house with shower
  • Outdoor premium sauna house with chromotherapy
  • Sauna house construction with controlled shading technology

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 Bendegúz Lévay
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Individual built Lugano sauna house - more luxury


  • Sauna House Size: 385 x 240 x 240 cm
  • 4-6 Person Combined sauna house: finnish sauna, infrared sauna, steam sauna and Himalayan salt therapy
  • Sauna house material: Canadian red cedar panelling 146*13mm
  • Benches, backrest, floor boards: Finnish Populus - minimal design
  • New! Harvia Club sauna Heater - (15 kW)
  • 2 m2 Himalayan salt bricks around the heater with LED lights
  • 10 pcs. Philips Vitae infra spotlight (3500 W) - Hightech. On individual request, the capacity can be changed.
  • 10 pcs. Safety grids, heat reflector
  • Intelligent digital LCD control with remote (sectional power and temperature controller, time switch)
  • Multicolor RGB led ambiance lightning with remote
  • Harvia Luxury Finnish hourglass, Hygrometer, tub + spoon
  • 2 pcs Luxury lamp and lamp shell
  • 1 pcs Tempered Pharsol full bronze glass sauna door (8 mm), with glass-glass hinges and shiny black handle
  • 3 pcs Pharsol heat insulated glass panels 
  • Special backrest in minimal design 
  • Backrest in minimal design with led light
  • Special high floor board system with led light
  • Starry sky optical fiber lighting
  • Special roofing tin
  • Exterior coats treated with two layers of thin stain
  • Electrical cables with silicone rubber insulation
  • Effective, modern Purenit heat insulation, waterproof and thermostable, without thermal bridge connections
  • Shower dimensions: 152 x 120 x 241 cm 
  • Shower design: Canadian red cedar wall panelling, waterproof plasterboard walls ready for coating, Parsol bronze tempered glass door 
  • Lighting in the shower: Countersunk LED lights, built in the ceiling, with strong light beam, warm white tone and real wooden wall switch 
  • Shower accessories: Modern style metallic wall hangers, humidity regulating fan with glass surface and automatic/manual operation
  • Shower sanitary facilities: Switchable showering system with tropical/manual shower and modern style 100 x 100 cm flat shower tray 

This luxury sauna house is already available with iPhone and Android APP control system!
 The application for this control system is FREE to download from Apple AppStore and Android Play Store:


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