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Canadian red cedar sauna patio covering

Canadian red cedar patio covering


The most important features of the Canadian red cedar wood


This type of wood can be found in the western regions of North America, especially along the Pacific Ocean, starting from Alaska. California coastline stretching native of British Columbia in Canada is limited to the territory. The average height of Sequoia of 50 metres, but can reach 75 meters too, diameter of its trunk can be over 2 meters. The tree has a special cedar wood smell.

Use of Canadian red cedar patio covering:

Due to the durability of the giant pine, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use too. It can be veneered well. This wood material is used for bridges, ship structures, sleeper made ​​from it, masts, shingles, doors and windows. Based upon its features it is an outstanding material for sauna building.

Benefits of Canadian red cedar wood patio covering:

  • it does not warp
  • it is not growing when it gets moisture
  • its tare weight is less 40% than the "bankirai" one
  • easy to work with, customized and easy to be screwed
  • generally spotted with knots but gives a beautiful texture comparing to other homogenous tropical species
  • in large surfaces can easily bear the extreme weather conditions
  • it can be used for various purposes with extra choices available


The most common uses of Canadian red cedar patio covering are the following:

  • face coverings and blinds for buildings
  • terrace and balcony coverings
  • to edge pools and lakes
  • docks, piers coverings
  • building saunas in general, outdoor saunas and wellness spots and rooms
  • building garden pathways and pergolas
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