Thermowood ash patio floor decking

Thermowood ash patio floor decking


Thermowood is a thermal modified wood. This method was invented and made by the Finnish. With this simple technology, they extended the life span of the wood that contacts with soil. Thus, bugs and other insects did not go inside the wood since they could not find hemicellulose there.

The result is that wood allows less water entering the timber at the same humidity; therefore, the dimensional changes are minimized while the timber's is weathering resistance increases . This process is completely chemical free and environmentally friendly. The process is carried out on those timbers that have the best properties, such as the Finnish pine and spruce, beech, aspen, birch, alder and ash trees.

Benefits of Thermowood ash patio floor decking:

  • it does not warp
  • it does not expand when it gets moisture
  • its tare weight is 40% less than the "bankirai" one
  • easy to work with, customized
  • generally spotted with knots but gives a beautiful texture comparing to other homogenous tropical species
  • in large surfaces can easily bear the extreme weather conditions
  • it can be used for various purposes with extra choices available

The most common uses of Thermowood ash sauna patio floor decking material are the following:

  • facades and blinds for buildings
  • terrace and balcony deckings
  • to edge of pools and lakes
  • dock, pier deckings
  • building saunas in general, outdoor saunas and wellness spots and rooms
  • building garden pathways and pergolas


Due to its natural texture and atmosphere and durability over time, the ash tree panelling is a perfect choice for exterior terrace and outdoor sauna cladding solutions.

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