Sauna material: alder panelling

Sauna material - alder 

Habitat of alder tree

The natural range of most species can be found in the Americas from alongside the Andok all the way down to Argentina.

In Europe it can be seen in the Northern parts of the continent. One can find alder trees in Northern Europe around moorlands and valleys. Among the natural forests of Carpathian basins one can find two types of alder trees as well.


Features of alder tree

It belongs to the birch family. It is a deciduous tree. Its leaves are toothed, roundish and they look simple. Usually they are small trees and thrive along streams and rivers where they reach an average height of 40 feet. It becomes mature during 30 years, after then it can live up to 150 years too. This is the only deciduous tree that produce cones. The colour of its wood is red, it splits well. The alder is amazingly resistant to water while its wood is soft.


Use of alder tree

It can be used for several things. When it is young it can be easily worked on. The older trees are both colourful and more veined. It is simple to use it due to its light, soft wood from which one can carve easily and deal with. The alder is waterproof and they built bridges from it in the past. This feature is valuable under the water, this is the reason why it is a perfect choice to manufacture saunas from alder lumber.


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