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Truly unique special combined sauna

The most exceptional thing about this sauna is its location.

One of our customers living in Bratislava contacted our showroom in Győr, Hungary to order a combined sauna which satisfies the demands and needs of all family members and is aligned with a gloss terrace wall.

After performing precise on-site inspections required due to the special circumstances, we delivered our realistic 3D visuals for free of charge. Our customer liked the visuals of their future sauna so much that they finalized their order. After that, we started to build the customized exclusive combined sauna and installed it on site after completion of the manufacturing process.

The most special thing about this sauna is the location where it has been installed: one of its walls is a glass terrace wall facing the garden. They can wonder about the beauty of garden flowers during the sweating sauna session and decide whether they want to immerse in the jacuzzi in the wellness room or have some rolling in the snow in the garden. There are hardened gloss doors in both directions.

The glass wall also has a hopper window which had already been part of the room before the sauna was built. It is particularly beneficial for the Finnish sauna as the original and authentic Finnish sauna experience requires permanent fresh intake during the sauna session -mainly through open windows-.
We have managed to convert our conscious designing methods and custom-built sauna manufacturing experiences into a special combined sauna installed in a modern room to fit the existing materials and environment.

The choice has been made on a combined sauna for its suitability to meet the demands of all family members. The husband prefers classic sweating Finnish sauna with powerful steam bursts. Thus the streamlined and minimalist style Harvia Cilindro pillar sauna stove countersunk in the bench perfectly completes this Finnish sauna.

Meanwhile, the wife wanted to enjoy deep-therapy effects of infrared sauna on a daily basis. The infrared sauna technology provided by 5 pieces of Philips Vitae infrared panel ensures powerful sweating at relatively low temperature.

Himalayan salt therapy was a must have option for the family to deliver healthcare and preventive benefits for their 2-year old children. Not only does it help prevent diseases but it is also giving the sauna a warm and friendly touch.

Apart from the Himalayan salt therapy facility, special interior atmosphere of the sauna is provided by high quality wooden materials and large glass surfaces as well.
It did not take much time to become the favourite place of the family in their home. The family also likes hosting other relatives and friends in this new sauna. Feedback from the customer revealed that some of the family's friends have also come to like this new family sauna and many of them have already contacted us regarding the construction of a custom-built sauna in their own homes.

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