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One of our customers living in Wien approached us during the summer with the idea of turning their empty garden-side 40 square metre room into a complete wellness room.

He contacted us because he had been tired of the discrepancies and mistakes of wellness hotels and he wanted to comfort their family with such a luxury he could not find in hotels after many hours of travelling.

We were quite excited about this assignment as it was more than customized sauna manufacturing: a complete interior architecture designing and construction challenge.

Parents work a lot and their children suffer from asthma. Therefore, they needed a wellness room with himalayan salt therapy where they can have some rest and get healed at the same time.

After the customer became familiar with our references and got to meet our professional sauna wellness room designer team, we were given freedom in terms of sauna wellness manufacturing and construction concepts. Main request of the customer was to incorporate a combined sauna, Himalayan salt therapy and all other accessories in the sauna room which ensure the comfort and health of family members for many years to come.

We met all family members and had a long discussion with them to become familiar with their sauna habits, lifestyle and demands. We have considered all of their aspects to equip the sauna wellness room with a combined family sauna featuring himalayan salt therapy, a shower room, two Himalayan salt walls, a practical storage cabin and a convenient resting/relaxing section.

The resting/relaxing section can be used by all family members. Parents can enjoy the benefits of a great Spa Pro Special Jade stone massage bed between two sauna séance and take a seat in their armchair to read a book while their children are playing on the carpet. The starry sky on the ceiling and the Himalayan salt wall provide for perfect harmony and calmness.

Each element of the sauna wellness room was built of Canadian Red Cedar including all ceiling structures and shelves. This wellness room has special atmosphere thanks to the dark brown tone and sweet fragrance of the Red Cedar wood.

Windows of the sauna wellness room have been positioned and built in a way to ensure good visibility on the garden and children - when they are playing outside - from the resting/relaxing section and allow family members to have some rolling in the fresh snow after a sweating sauna session.

Our customer has been highly satisfied for no longer having to rely on others or getting angry due to unprofessional services. Now all family members can enjoy great sauna experience, healthcare benefits of Himalayan salt therapy, spacious comfort and a refreshing massage in their own home. That is the way an empty room is turned into the island of calmness and harmony with true Western comfort.


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