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Sauna wellness house
  • Sauna wellness house
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  • Unique wooden panels
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What design, equipment and materials are used to make a hand-made, unique iSauna sauna house, which is often the same worth as a house? 

As a premium sauna manufacture we lay out the way towards the future with unique and inspiring moments - for the new approach of luxus was born in moments like these.

The unique, comfort sauna house presented by us is cosy, sporty, highly equipped all at once, and is absolutely high-class.

Besides car racing our customer likes nature, and he watches out for his health.

During the renovation of the garden it was important that we use natural materials besides ensuring a modern look. Since the sauna house and the Jacuzzi were put in the center of the garden, we used modern looking  A+ Canadian red cheddar wood with anthracit colored unique sheet roofing.

To keep up with the industrial style and contrast we Have painted a couple of cheddar elements in an anthracit color as well.

The backside of the sauna is a unique solid wood design wall which helped to break the familiar appearance.

We have built the same design wall on the backside of the resting area, with recess LED string lights unevenly, this line and design wall continues on the ceiling of the sauna.

The two sidewalls of the resting area are dark gray and covered with a stone effect, Inside there is an Outline of a sport car which is constructed and lit up specially.

Besides an jungle shower and WC our customer has requested an ice machine. 

The machinery of the ice machine Is hidden therefore we can only see the plate holding the ice, and the tap. 

To achieve Illusion of an ice cave the walls are dark gray and the ceiling is white completed with stars on the sky.

It is a special solution that  the terrace is Directly available from the sauna with the help of an aluminium sliding door.

The connection between the resting area and the terrace is also provided by a sliding door.

One side of the terrace is closed, the Jacuzzi was placed. The space before the sauna is open so that it can function as a tanning terrace.

Our defined values-  Moreover the compromise-free quality of our products and services - Mean the stable base of our company philosophy.

As Pioneers of innovation we think changes, which can be tailored to the needs of our customers, add up to the perfection of iSauna experience.

"Do whatever you can or dream of! Boldness lies in genius, strength, and magic." (Goethe)

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