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behind the scene
  • behind the scene

We need to pay attention to vitamins, minerals and detoxification to keep our health. The iSauna Design Ltd. can help you to reach this goal, as we offer up to 4 functions per 1 square meter in our wellness houses and saunas:

- Himalayan Salt Wall: salt therapy is a detoxifying treatment for allergies and asthma, respiratory symptoms, it contains 84 minerals and trace elements

- Infrared sauna: increases blood circulation, boost  the detoxification process, strengthens the immune system, reduces stress due to its relaxing effect, accelerates the body's regeneration processes, improves your mood

- Finnish sauna: reduces the harmful effects of stress, strengthens the body's self-healing capacity, regenerates blood vessels, beautifies the skin, detoxifies

- Biosauna: dilates the poles, reduces muscle and joint pain, relieves arthritis symptoms, strengthens the immune system,


It is important for us that everyone can relax properly, outside of working hours, in the comfort of their own home.

  • 20 years of international experience
  • 8 professions in one hand
  • constant quality control
  • planning - construction – implementation
  • insulated panoramic glazing
  • custom made aluminium windows and doors with RAL colour palette
  • energy-saving electric underfloor heating - MAGNUM Heating (
  • A+ premium solid wood materials (cedar and thermowood)
  • app smart control - iSauna home
  • hidden roof, custom corroded aluminium covering with RAL colour palette
  • handmade - our saunas are made by hand and with passion


"If you want a quality sauna for good, you should definitely choose them."

Dr. Gábor Baráth- dentist, CEO

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Szilárd Darnai
International Sales Manager - HU/EN/SK
Phone: +36 70 949 5997

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Lévay Bendegúz

 Bendegúz Lévay
 International Sales Manager - HU/DE/EN
 Phone: +36 70 362 5597

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