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Interior design at Lipót Bakery and Café in Tatabánya


Design, functionality and appearance

The operator of Lipót Bakery in Tatabánya asked us to design a shop and cafe of the busiest Lipót bakery in Hungary as a complete interior design solution. The most important thing for the owner of the bakery was that interior design and craftsmanship would be in one hand at a company where experience, style, quality and precision are in line with international standards and expectations.


Functionality that can works

In any interior design, the most important thing is to keep the functionality as the main pillar beside style and look. During the interior design of the Lipót bakery in Tatabánya it was important, to make the shop a worthy image for the Bakery factory behind it.

A bakery, which is a café, a shop and cake shop. The main design aspect was that buyers, once they enter the bakery door, would have direct contact with the bakery products: fresh baked goods, fresh sandwiches, butcher's goods, cakes, café products. Adding options, there are 2 entrances to the bakery from the street. One from the café and another from the bakery to facilitate easy access to the shop.

Due to the wide range of bakery products, it was necessary to create a complex shelf and counter system that would enable the bakery and its workers to meet customers' wishes easily. The function of the bakery is ensured by the durable, high-quality material, the practical shelf system and the convenient positioning of the fixtures and machines.


Thanks to the modular design of the built-in furniture, any design change or future renovation will not make it difficult to replace the wood elements, the complete shelf systems, the counters and showcase refrigerators. In the spirit of conscious design and flexible interior design.

The used thermowood alder and Finnish aspen wood,  the colors, the lights and the shapes give the bakery its atmosphere. Nature, tradition and health can be felt here.

The natural effect of first class wood and its precision produced natural surfaces are perfectly aligned with the products of the Lipót bakery's traditional technology.



"Green" thinking, conscious interior design

The idea of ​​using natural durable materials was born in the spirit of environmental awareness. Our goal was to create an interior design in which customers, products and bakery workers are in harmony with nature. To create a bakery, we used Finnish aspen, thermowood pine and clear, airy glass.

In addition to the use of wood from environmentally conscious farms and chemical-free dyes, it was important to design LED lighting technology that follows the modern appearance of the bakery, but at the same time the energy economic system reflects the spirit of the present era.

At international level, with conscious 3D design, modern style, natural atmosphere and thoughtful functionality, one of the most beautiful bakery shops (of the Lipót bakery chain) in Hungary has been created so that the interior design and implementation has been realized in one hand by iSauna Design Kft.

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