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Luxury, comfort and functionality

The first, which in a pragmatic approach, usually comes to mind about a loft installation that it cannot be fully furnished due to sloping roofs. This is usually true, unless a creative design team takes care of the things making the most of the space available.

Sloping roofs can also be defined as the attractiveness of attic homes. Because of its varied interior and non-standard spaces, attic design requires greater rationality and creativity.
The idea of attic installation is nothing in itself if we do not know how to give the space and the features the features of convenience, practicality and functionality.

The apartment is located right on the bank of Tatai Old Lake with undisturbed panorama. In the apartment of the newly built residential area, interior design and attic installation are characterized by extravagance, luxury and unique solutions, of course, according to the functions of the various rooms.
In interior design, usability was the main consideration, all dressed in an extravagant look.

Individual surface finishes appear in the attic installation: specially printed tempered glass walls that are illuminated by RGB and warm white LED strips, individually upholstered leather wall coverings that add to the atmosphere and special natural wood surfaces that enhance the brightness of the apartment with their elegance and pompous design.

Like all interior design creations, the perfection of attic installation lies in the details. We will show you the rooms with bold ideas, which are outstanding one by one and create harmony together that makes the apartment extravagant, bold and yet with a home-like feeling.

Living room - The living room is the heart of the apartment, the sauna is the heart of the living room

The "warmth" of the living room is the fireplace and the combined sauna, the elegance and the exclusive style is due to the KARE furniture combination.
The special sofa and the accessories and appliances carry the Art Deco style and are perfectly in harmony with each other, with the colors of the living room and the sauna. An integrated, combined sauna is made of Finnish aspen, aligned with the living room layout.

The sauna and the living room is united by the uniquely designed RGB Led light therapy, which is not only incorporated in the combined sauna but also in the ceiling. The light therapy ceiling elements can be adjusted to match the colors of the sauna through the central home control unit.

The luxury attic lounge area is complemented by the special TV wall, featuring a bioethanol decorative fireplace and unique, quilted leather wallcoverings that match the color of the sofa, making it truly extravagant.

Kitchen - In the kitchen you can not only cook, eat, but also have fun

The colors of the living room continue in the kitchen. The unique kitchen counter is enchanted by the printed, hardened, LED backlit glass walls featuring the agate crystal engraving.
The cream-colored furniture panel and the matte black cabinets completely concealed quality kitchen utensils. The cream-colored furniture board and the matte black cabinets hide quality kitchen appliances.

The diversity of features has been further enhanced so that the kitchen is also an entertainment center. In counter surrounding the living room, a uniquely designed DJ box was constructed, which can be pulled out of the kitchen counter by a single movement. The pullout DJ box is facing the living room where the audience can even have a sauna.

Bedroom - A place for relaxation and health

The comfort of the attic bedroom is the true relaxation of the special KARE double bed with its matching standing lamps.

On the wall opposite the bed there’s a special, hand-built, large, Himalayan salt wall with special backlighting. The Himalayan salt  provides the salt cave-like microclimate in the room, and its orange colors tie a true friendly harmony with the shades of bed and accessories.

Guest Room - Where the guest is at home

In the functionally designed guest room, anyone can feel comfortable like the home. The custom-built cabinet includes a double bed, a storage cabinet and nightstand also. The wall covering matching the color of the furniture is on the opposite wall behind Smart TV. This room is a real jewel box for this apartment.

Work Room - Interlacement of Motivation and Elegance

Our client does a lot of work from home and he needs an environment that is comfortable, practical and motivating at the same time. The work room features a cigar lounge style special KARE furnishing items, and a hand-made cassette wall covering that could help you to stay up and running long nights.

The room features are ideal for accommodating a desk and monitors. Brownish, nature-like colors have a soothing effect on the human system, making the room perfect for a relaxed job. 


Bathroom - Refreshing and pampering at home

The bathroom is like a small wellness not only because of its functions but because of its look as well. The natural shade limestone tiling, the cream-colored cabinet and the clear glass surfaces make the bathroom truly airy and spacious.

The individually built shower enclosure is also equipped with a steam room function; its comfort is due to the seating design. The bathroom also has a double bathtub with a whirlpool function, while the fire flames of bioethanol furnace located very close create the mood.

The bright surfaces are harmonized by the colors of the high-gloss American walnut flooring that playfully extended to the walls.

Wardrobe Room - The elegance starts here

The wardrobe room was built as the heart of the apartment. It has a central location and a central role. Its design makes it easy for morning or evening preparation, its clean furniture directs attention to the person getting ready. In the upper section of the walls, cream-colored design leather covers were obtained, so dressing is done here in style.  

Hallway - Welcomes with pomp

The hallway is simple, functional and looks great. It was designed in conjunction with the wardrobe style. There are also design leather surfaces featuring cream-colored built-in cabinets, the unique KARE crystal chandelier and hidden LED light-line illuminated mirror make it truly unique and extravagant.


Intelligent home control - an indispensable element of a modern luxury home

The personality of the home is ensured by the stylish interior design and its smartness is ensured by the complete intelligent control system. Thanks to the ever-increasing number of intelligent systems for homes and apartments, sectional control and automation is possible not only for the heating and cooling of rooms, the performance of the lamps, the choice of shades of RGB lights, the shutter curtains, but even for the full operation of the combined sauna.

All wall switches can be programmed separately, so we can adjust our entire home to suit our needs.

If all this is not enough, we can take this control with us wherever we go on our smartphone.

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