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Szilárd Darnai
International Sales Manager - HU/EN/SK
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Lévay Bendegúz

 Bendegúz Lévay
 International Sales Manager - HU/EN/DE
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 E-mail: info@szaunagyartas.hu

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Enjoy the comfort of your home!

The summer heat gives you the shivers, the sunshine instantly warms your skin and after a cool, air-conditioned house, you'll love the warmth of this embrace. In your slippers, you'll walk the few steps to your holiday destination.

The owner was looking for a location close to his workplace and relatives in one of the most prominent districts of Budapest.

The design process was made possible by a team of designers with many years of business experience.

A desire for stylistic coherence is evident in the architectural scheme, with the use of solid wood as a significant material to create a homely atmosphere.

The colour variations of the facades create a striking exterior uniqueness. The natural light brought in by the glass surfaces is replaced in the evening by combined lighting solutions.

The triple division of the garden areas is intended for different uses. The front garden is a reception area with an elegant, understated garden culture that sends a message to the outside world.
The pool area is used for leisure activities.

The garden also features a professionally equipped, self-contained spa area with a Finnish sauna with steam function, a custom kitchen with design wall and wine cooler, a custom solid wood TV wall in Canadian red cedar in the lounge area and a wet room.

In this exclusive section, the familiar decorative wood and batten structure is consistently returned to tie the spa area to the style of the house.

At the back of the garden is a green area for sports activities. Every aspect of the garden is a masterfully designed work of art in perfect harmony.

The upper private terrace was designed to create a living space for all seasons. The unique aluminium pergola system is a modern, aesthetic and functional design element.

The harmony between the custom-built outdoor sauna and the wooden facade of the building is a pleasant and aesthetic sight. The uniqueness of the wooden elements further enhances the uniqueness of the building.

Our sophisticated architectural visual design techniques, architectural qualifications and years of experience will help you to present your architectural work in the right way and with the right quality.

This allows you to present your architectural designs in a clear, visual and effective way with professional visual design elements.


"Behind every garden is paradise, and some gardens are paradise." (Derek Jarman)


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