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Mirage sauna house: mind-blowing design and multifunctional sauna experience 


Design, shape and function

Check out the stunningly innovative details in the world of iSauna saunas!

The perfect symbiosis of design, form and function - the outstanding quality and the unmistakable shapes ensure that every iSauna sauna, sauna house shows at first glance, that we are looking for the best solution for you without any compromises!


Perfect proportions inside and out

The unique lines of the characteristic, curved ceiling, combined with the use of thermowood ash, lends the sauna a clean, minimalistic yet exclusive exterior and interior.

The exterior of the sauna is made of unique, vertical design elements made of thermowood ash, while the interior design of the sauna has horizontal lines.

The atmosphere of the interior design is further enhanced by the contour lights and the unique tile-like cladding design.


Reform in the world of sauna

The floors with a floating effect, designed in a minimal style, are made of A + Finnish vibrant aspen.

For the original sauna experience the Harvia Virta 9kW premium sauna heater is responsible.

The Harvia Virta sauna stove provides a strong but gentle heating experience for traditional saunas.


Innovation for the future

Our target is to push the boundaries, which can be seen in our continuously improving concepts, so we could achieve our newest goals.

Discover the ideal harmony of modern beauty, luxurious generosity and quality materials!

Get to know our latest design sauna house, which is rich in details!


The saunas and sauna houses of iSauna Design Home are available with smart sauna control.

Thinking about home sauna or wellness?

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Premium saunas from Hungary with international TÜV certificate.

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Sauna solutions for you with Himalayan salt. Recover with salt Himalayan salt therapy!

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iSauna manufacture produces premium outdoor saunas, luxury wellness sauna houses.

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