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Thinking about home sauna or wellness?

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Private sauna customized designing

Are you deep in the rat race; paying the bills, raising the kids, keeping deadlines?

Find your way to escape and enjoy your own, unique, custom-designed iSauna home wellness!

What money can do for you – everything is nothing without health…

Many people work for years or even for decades to create something everlasting in their lives. It is important that health mustn’t be neglected during this time – take your time and recharge your batteries!

One of the main advantages of an own private sauna is that you can use your own Finnish sauna, infra sauna, salt cabin, bio sauna or massage pool according to your own schedule and availability.

By doing so, you can consciously and flexibly integrate health promotion and quality relaxation into your everyday life!

Regular sauna and wellness usage promote longevity, may extend your lifespan by up to 8-10 years!

Share your ideas with iSauna manufactory, trust our 15-years of international experience. From design and manufacturing until turnkey delivery.

Switch to a higher quality of life without compromise! Be part of the premium world of iSauna!

How to start? Please follow the steps below;

1. Get in touch with our top designers (mobile, email, chat)

2. Visit our showroom or request an on-site measurement

3. View our design offer (acceptance, confirmation)

4. Our team starts the creative work

5. We will hand over the plans and discuss our construction offer

6. You order the construction, the design fee will be credited

7. Enjoy exclusive iSauna relaxation and our unique quality at your own home



iSauna Manufactory – Best quality of life in excellent design

Sauna wellness

Premium saunas from Hungary with international TÜV certificate.

Individual sauna manufacture

Unique solutions in luxus sauna manufacturing

Himalayan salt room

Sauna solutions for you with Himalayan salt. Recover with salt Himalayan salt therapy!

Outdoor sauna house

iSauna manufacture produces premium outdoor saunas, luxury wellness sauna houses.

Interior design

Exclusive interior design and production in one hand.

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