Bio sauna with herbals

Bio sauna with herbals and Himalayan salt therapy


Effects of the sauna are quite different depending on the selected type of sauna. The world of sauna is a wide and colourful one.

Everyone chooses the type and use of sauna on the basis of the result the person wishes to attain. Whether one wants to relax, rejuvenate while using the sauna or to tone up and relax muscles.

Sauna use can be relaxing or stimulating, dry or steamy, traditional or bio sauna, using volatile oils or Himalayan salt therapy.

Bio sauna

Bio sauna provide a pampering solution for those that find Finnish sauna too hot or sweltering or find the steam bath too humid. The temperature is around 40-60 oC in the bio sauna chamber, the humidity is between 20 and 60% as a result of the built in steam generating sauna stove.

The latest product of the sauna industry is the Harvia combined sauna stove that is a mixture of the light Finnish sauna and the steam sauna.

Its uniqueness is the possibility to be built behind a wall thus it can remain unseen. For this reason we recommend it for luxury saunas or uniquely designed exclusive sauna chambers.

Besides sauna stones an own steam generator is to be found in this unique, combined sauna stove. This sauna stove features a special control unit. A 5 litre water tank and steel herb holder provides for the versatile, exciting use.

The Harvia combined stove experience can be enhanced with volatile oils, plants, dried herbs and with various therapies.

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