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iSauna sauna house - as an exclusive room for hot yoga

This yoga variant was created in the 20th century by an Indian yoga teacher, Bikram Chodhoury. Hot yoga is a 90-minute class that goes through a 26 yoga postures, always in the same order, performed in a room heated up to 40 degrees Celsius with 40-percent humidity.

Why is it good to practice yoga in an iSauna sauna house, what are the benefits?

- promotes weight loss, detoxification
- strengthens and stretch muscles
- relieves spinal complaints and back pain
- relieves rheumatic and other joint pain
- lower stress and blood pressure
- improved flexibility and balance
- improves lung capacity, cellular regeneration, rejuvenation
- controls diabetes, kidney and hormonal disorders
- improves concentration power, helps you achieve better focus
- reduces the number of frequency of migraines and/or headaches
- treats sleep problems
- strengthens the immune system and improves endurance

In such extreme heat and humidity, sweating and heart rate increase, our body undergoes a number of positive physiological processes that are well known to sauna fans; these beneficial effects make you a passionate visitors of yoga classes.

What are the benefits of practicing yoga in your private iSauna sauna house?

it is usable all year round.

From now on you do not have to adjust to timetables and locations to enjoy perfect relaxation!
Once you have mastered the ins and outs of hot yoga exercises, you can practice it in your own outdoor infrared sauna, outdoor Finnish sauna or in your combined steam sauna.

The optimal sizes of saunas and sauna houses; 3x4 m, 3x5 m, 6x3 m - depending on the number of users. Due to our unique manufacturing technology, iSauna manufactory customize and realize your custom-designed sauna according to your wishes and requirements.

Enjoy the benefits of your private hot yoga studio!

Make your unique idea come true, expand your services, trust our team with 20 years of international experience and realize your dream outdoor sauna, yoga studio from the designing process until assembling in one hand.

Within a short period of time, this yoga style developed into a trend. It contains few spiritual elements, quickly became the most popular yoga style of Hollywood celebrities. Amongst others;

Jenny McCarthy
Ashton Kutcher
Demi Moore
Jennifer Aniston
George Clooney
David Beckham
Lady Gaga

Thinking about home sauna or wellness?

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