Outdoor premium sauna house in a private penthouse

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Design and Functionality 

Extravagant design: During the design process, weplaced a particularemphasisonaesthetics, resulting in a modern and sleekform. 

Selectablecolorcombinations:Customizationoptionsthat fit boththeenvironment and theclient'staste. 

Innovativeelegance:Implementingsolutionsthatcombinefunctionalitywithelegance, in line withcurrent trends. 

EnergyEfficiency and Technology 


Energy-efficientsolutions:Environmentallyconscioustechnologiesthatare cost-effective in thelongrun and reducetheecologicalfootprint. 


Wellness Offerings 


Varioussaunas: Finnish, Infrared, and Steamsaunachoosetheonethatsuitsyoubest! 

Jacuzzi:Where modern technologymeetscomfort. 

Relaxationlounge: A spacededicatedtorelaxation, equippedwithbuilt-in audiosystems and ambientlighting. 

Cabinets and storages:Enhancedwithourcustom-designed, practicalbuilt-in cabinets. 

Discoverourrange in person and seetheexceptionalqualityforyourself! WeawaityouattheiSaunaManufactory.

e stand for in sauna design and get to know the world of The iSauna Manufacture!

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