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In-home sauna wellness solutions, winter garden from iSauna

This time our team have faced a truly unique challenge.

Our customer visited iSauna manufactory and shared her extravagant vision. 
Her dream was to create a private wellness area with direct access to the house, simultaneously with garden connection.

We started the process with a comprehensive needs assessment and then we entered the design phase.

The custom-made heat-insulated aluminum framed folding sliding door system seemed to be an excellent solution to meet the customer's special needs, providing heat protection in the fall season and translucent connection with the garden.

In the warm seasons, the front and right sides of the building can be fully opened, giving you a direct garden connection and an even greater sense of freedom.

The building has a hidden duct system and a custom manunfactured double folded sheet metal roofing. 

The exterior and interior coverings are made out of top-of-the-range A+ Canadian red cedar trapezoidal paneling and solid wood.

In the private wellness area, a lounge was equipped with the Villeroy & Boch R6L jacuzzi, a smart TV, a vision fireplace, an IP-protected bluetooth sound system and a hidden RGB LED mood lighting.

For proper oxygen supply an industrial-grade exhaust fan and a fresh air diffuser were mounted in the false ceiling, it also supports the dehumidification of the jacuzzi room.

A custom-built combined sauna, an experience shower, a hidden storage room and a solid wood built-in wardrobe are to boost experience in the wellness area.

What are the main advantages of desinging a wellness winter garden, transforming a terrace? 

As the key funnction of winter gardens, built-in terraces is to create the closest possible connection to the surrounding nature.

You can't stop dreaming of spending just a few hours relaxing on a tropical island during cold winter months? 

There are no more obstacles stopping you from making your dreams a reality; iSauna team provides an exclusive sauna wellness winter garden solution for you. Whether it is a fixed or an openable winter garden design.

During summer, the situation is very similar; as soon as the warm weather arrives, we want to extend our living space. Sunshine hours make us feel a psychological, biological, and physical urge to move out into the open air space. 
An ideal home is equipped with a sauna wellness area that provides quality recreation for all members of the family.

There are several reasons for designing and constructing a sauna wellness winter garden: it provides useful, spectacular square metres, it functions as a green oasis throughout the year and it is likely to be the favorite place of our home for all our family members.

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