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Home wellness – family wellness experience

Who wouldn’t like to chill in his/her own wellness after a long and tiring day?

You can hardly find a better source of relaxation than that! You don’t have to travel or stand in line, no one can disturb you.

Usually this is one of the main advantages as to why our customers make inquiries about our private sauna wellness.

This project was about the implementation of a home wellness area. Our customer came to us with the need for a combined sauna.
He visited our sauna manufacture with his wife to go through the details of their combined sauna. In the course of discussion the need for a complex private wellness area  - instead of just a sauna  - has been revealed. The place was given. A building in their holiday home has just been renovated.
The beautiful panorama provided by the building is perfect for the implementation of a unique home wellness.

Our designer team got to work. Together with our customer we defined the style of the wellness which turned out to be rustic and classic with modern elements. With this combination and the usage of natural wood we were able to create a warm and near-natural effect, exactly what our customer wanted.
A home wellness that caters to all needs has been created, step by step.

After the design came the high quality implementation. The home wellness has benn divided into 3 parts. Inside the wellness area there is an exclusive combined sauna, a bathroom with a diving tub, a shower and toilet. A designer separator wall with Led lights and a resting area with big panorama facing windows have also been implemented.

The bathroom and the resting area have been separated by a special in-wall glass sliding door. On the side of the resting area a Himalayan salt wall system has been implemented and from the side of the bathroom a shelving system.

The Led lights, the night sky on the ceiling and the Himalayan salt wall provide a comfy and intimate atmosphere for the home wellness.

The sauna walls and the ceiling have been coated with first class Thermowood pine paneling from Tirol, making sure the wellness has a rustic and warm vibe.

The resting area has a cabinet, on its two sides we placed stone-bedded boxes with led lighting. One of these boxes contains the electrical system of the diving tub.

Thanks to our excellent and well prepared carpenter team the implementation went really smooth! The handover of the wellness took place one week before Christmas.

Our customer was more than happy to spend the holidays in a familiar circle, in his own wellness.

iSauna Design Kft.  Contractor of your own home wellness!

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