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  • Interior decoration - confectionery, bakery, cafe
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The profitable interior design means double business turnover

Conscious Interior Design, Delightful Mood = double turnover

Interior design works always give us a unique pleasure, as there are no two stores, cafes, pastries, or even bakery products. This is what happened to the Lipót Brakery in the downtown of Győr, where the owner decided to find a solution for a complex interior design and he commissioned us to carry out interior design and construction work.
The primary goal was to design a space that could accommodate 15 to 18 seats (instead of the existing 8 seats), where a family or friends can comfortably consume breakfast pastry or an afternoon coffee with a cake.

Design, functionality and look

The downtown bakery, cafe and cake shop have been given a unique design with premium quality materials and sophisticated design. Custom size and style, showcase coolers, hidden LED lights, special individually-designed suspended ceilings, sofas and equipments enhance the inner atmosphere and quality of the bakery.

Special design and practical functionality are tailored to customer needs. Customers of the bakery demanded that the delicious food items offered by the shop be eaten right there.
Thereforea special size sofa is added, where guests can have breakfast and coffee, and also family events, friendly gatherings and parties for children.

The cozy atmosphere of the bakery is provided by the unique LED illumination. A special plans were made for the lights. The luminaires collection and hidden lights illuminate the products and tables, so as to highlight the products providing a homely environment for the guests.
The special Finnish aspen ceiling design provides space, and its first-class material brings nature closer.

Thanks to the modular design of the built-in furniture, any design change or future renovation will not make it difficult to replace the wood elements, the complete shelf systems, the counters and showcase refrigerators.
Square, clear glass, refrigerators with shelves provide customers with a greater assortment and convenience for the workers.


"Green" thinking, conscious interior design

The idea of ​​using natural durable materials was born in the spirit of environmental awareness.
Our goal was to create an interior design in which customers, products and bakery workers are in harmony with nature.
To create a bakery, we used Finnish aspen, thermowood pine and clear, airy glass.

In addition to the use of wood from environmentally conscious farms and chemical-free dyes, it was important to design LED lighting technology that follows the modern appearance of the bakery, but at the same time the energy economic system reflects the spirit of the present era.

We have managed to create a Lipót bakery, café and confectionery shop with conscious planning, with all due care, precise design and quality materials, which matches the city center exclusivity but at the same time a cozy, friendly and profit-enhancing design.

Exclusive interior design at the Lipót Bakery, downtown Győr with healthy products, continuous development and double turnover.

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