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Water sprinkling stove sauna - Wet sauna

Water sprinkling stove sauna - the perfect combination of traditional Finnish sauna and mild steam


The world of the sauna is a wide and colourful one. The beauty of this world is that you can choose the best type of sauna and sauna use depending on the result you wish to achieve.

Sauna can be relaxing or stimulating, dry or steamy, traditional or bio sauna and you may use volatile oils or salt therapy. Sauna can be relaxing, regenerating, refreshing or muscle relaxant.

The majority of sauna fans knows and uses the dry sauna that is the traditional Finnish one. Since all sauna types have different health improvement effects, it is worth getting to know other types as well.

Sauna séances, pottings are gaining popularity even in Hungary. Pottings with various volatile oils, herbs, fruits and alcohol are suitable for water sprinkling stoves.


The difference between dry saunas and water sprinking stove saunas (wet saunas)

The traditional Finnish sauna is a dry one that reaches a high temperature of 80-90°C with the help of a wood burning or electric sauna stove. As a result of the high temperature we will start to sweat immediately so toxins are released from our bodies and the condition of our skin is improved.

The difference between the water spinkling stove and the traditional Finnish stove is the amount of stones. Water sprinkling stoves may contain five times more sauna stones and are made in a way that the hot stones may be sprinkled from the top and also from the side.

Air humidity is quite low in the saunas and that is why water can evaporate from sweat. A strong sensation can be felt when water is sprinkled on the stones, since the cooling process is suddenly terminated.

After sprinkling water onto the hot stones the steam cloud is dispersed in the sauna area. The air is thus heated and it converges on the skin heating it further up.

These sprinkling sessions can be further boosted with various volatile oils, sauna honey, sauna soap and other sauna accessories.

These days sauna séances are not only held in hotels but also in home saunas. During these séances various pottings are done with different supplements.

The effects of volatile oil pottings are increased in case repeated several times. Such is no problem in case of water sprinkling stoves because of the large size of the stoves.

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