Family house 3D visualization at the Moson Danube

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3D visualization of a house at Mosoni-Danube

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- Possibility of pre-ordering 

Our latest project was accomplished at the riverside of Mosoni-Danube where an old peasant house was dismantled. Our client had been longing for this rare natural treasure for quite a while.

The longitudinal lot submerges in Mosoni-Danube in a staggered design. The allocation resulted in the creation of the following functions: A three-storey large house with a floor area of 500 m2 including a wine cellar, a terrace offering everlasting panorama, and a two-storey guest house with a floor area of 75 m2 with a view to the river. A swimming pool has also been built and accompanied with an outdoor comfort sauna house, whereas a lounge terrace with a bar counter gives place for family and friends to gather or just have some rest.

When allocating the functions, we paid attention to preserving the naturalist environment and green areas and used natural materials such as Thermowood Tyrol pine for the outside panelling inserts and gabion for the back walls and fences.

The street front features an American-style open garden, ground ambient LED lights and covered driveways to accommodate multiple cars.

How about the most precious jewellery of all? Of course, it is the summer kitchen located 8 metres from the bank and featuring a grill corner, sunbathing beds, an outdoor adventure shower and certainly a stage system – an essential piece for boat owners.


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