Sauna in viticulture

Saunas in viticulture, viticulturists in the sauna


What is the relationship between viticulture and sauna?

One might wonder if there are any common points between viticulture and saunas ... in reality however there are many!

The first and oldest common point is the wood itself. It is the wood in a way that the so called thermo wood process that is used for mounting the panelling was discovered by the viticulturists.

The edges of wine-stocks were steamed at a temperature that did not burn the wood thus the wood was able to maintain its structure for a long time and serve its purpose. Saunas are pretty much the same, heat treated alder or Canadian red cedar are the best materials for outdoor saunas. iSauna Sauna Manufacture uses only quality timber for sauna production.

The next common point is health. It is widely known that the daily consumption of wine has many benefits for the cardiovascular system and health in general. The same is true for saunas. Using the sauna a couple of times a week helps in health promotion and may cure existing problems.

Wine relaxes, brings people together and helps maintaining relationships. Holidays, family programs, friendly meetings and other programs are organized with the wine as central player. Sauna may be a part of our everyday life as well.

Sauna relaxes the body after picking grapes. It helps the muscles to regenerate faster thus increases work capacity. What can be more fascinating than the enjoyment of the sweating effect of the sauna after picking grapes while wandering the disciplined rows of grapevines extending as far as the eye can see. Everyone can relax after a hard day at grape picking in the sauna house.

The sauna house placed in the winery is a perfect addition to wine trips and team building trainings. Friends, family members, co-workers can use the sauna together, and reflect on the program and adventures of the day in good spirits. The combined sauna house is the perfect conclusion of a wine trip, wine tasting, trip or training.

The combined sauna house is a building that meets all requirements. It contains infrared saunaFinnish saunasteam sauna and Himalayan salt therapy. Sauna houses are also equipped with a shower, changing room, relax area, kitchen, dining room, TV and sliding glass doors.

Ask for our individual quote and make your winery perfect with an exclusive sauna house!

The truth is in wine ... the health is in sauna...

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