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Questions about sauna


Pay one, get four – What does 4 in 1 mean for you?

We offer four core services on 1 single m2 to save you space and money:

1) The Himalayan Salt Cabin
2) Infrared Sauna
3) Finnish Sauna
4) Steam sauna


This way, we can save money and space.

How often should I use the infrared sauna?

Thanks to the gentle treatment of the infrared technology, you can use your sauna even on a daily basis.

Losing weight, burning calories?

During a half-hour infrared sauna treatment you can burn off up to 300 calories. While you relax in the pleasant warmth of the sauna, your body works hard: it produces sweat and pumps blood into your blood circulation in order to cool you down and to balance your body temperature. Research shows that during 30 minutes spent in the sauna, the human body can burn as much calories as during a 30-minute-long running or rowing exercise. Therefore; in the sauna, you do not only lose fluid, you also lose weight.

Can it beat pain?

Instead of heating the air within the enclosure, infrared sauna heat the body directly. The result is the delation of the external blood vessels and a deeper tissue penetration, bringing relief for wounded muscles and soft tissues and in this way healing them. Increased blood circulation transports end products of metabolism and supplies the muscles with oxygen rich blood to make them recover faster. Muscles are the most flexible when the surrounding tissues are warm enough. This is how they enable you to move freely in your everyday life.

Does it improve the immune system?

By creating "artificial fever", infrared saunas’ heat has a positive effect on the immune system. When you have fever, the body temperature is increased naturally, while virus and bacterial growth is hold back. This helps the body ward off invading organi sms. Besides, intensive sweat production helps you eliminate all the toxins and waste products stored in your body, improving your health and your body’s power of resistance.

Does it strenghten blood circulation?

By increasing the production of sweat to cool your body down, your heart works even harder to pump as much blood as it is able, and as quickly as possible to satisfy your body’s need for fresh blood.

Does it eliminate toxins and waste products?

The increased circulation of blood stimulates sweat glands to dissolve the toxins and waste products stored in your body. Intensive sweating on a regural basis helps your body detox itself since it prevents the accumulation of dangerous heavy metals such as lead, mercury, zinc, nickel, or cadmium, and others such as alcohol, nicotine, sodium, or sulfuric acid in your body.

Can it treat joint pains?

Therapies based on infrared technology are widely used by arthritis and joint sufferers. Medical research shows that the treatment is effective in the case of sprains, neuralgia, muscle spasms, joint stiffness and many other musculo-skeletal complaints. Age-related joint diseases, like stiffness, pain and sensitivity are easily relievable or eliminatable.

Can it relieve stress and make me relaxed?

Probably the most significant effect of the regular use of infrared sauna is a feeling of immediate refreshment, furthermore the feeling that you can get rid of your daily problems and stress. Within a couple of minutes in the pleasant warmth of the cabin, you can feel the benefical effects of the treatment: you feel as if you were being reborn both phycically and spiritually.

Can it beautify my skin?

Intensive sweat production eliminates toxins and waste products stored in your body and exfoliates dead skin cells, all this al ready after a couple minutes spent in the sauna. Natural nutrients of the skin are transported to the surface by increased blood circulation, improving the recovery of pimples, rashes, burns and cuts. Open wounds also can recover faster and leave smaller scabs.

Medicine and Drugs?

If you are taking any prescription medicine, please consult your doctor before using the cabin since, in some cases, infrared waves and higher body temperature can modify their effects. Some drugs can decrease the heat capacity of the human body.


Many people believe that they can compensate for the bad effects of alcohol consumption by having a thorough workout the next morning. However, sweating out a hangover is something you should avoid. Under the influence of alcohol your judgment can easily be coloured, therefore you are less likely to realise the potential bad effects heat may have on you. Alcohol increases heart beating which is further intensified by the sauna’s high temperature.

Should sufferers of hemophilia use infrared sauna?

Sufferers of hemophilia should not use infrared sauna.

I have fever. Should I use the sauna?

In case of fever you should not use sauna of any kind.

I am pregnant. Should I use the sauna?

Pregnant women should consult their doctors before using sauna of any kind since higher temperature can harm the fetus.

Should women use the sauna during their monthly courses (menses)?

The use of infrared sauna can temporary intensify the menses. Some avoid using the sauna on these days, some consciously use it to beat period cramps.

Dangers of implants in saunas

Calf, breast or other kinds of surgical implants usually reflect infrared waves; therefore, their temperatures do not rise during a sauna treatment. However, it is advisory to consult your doctor before using the sauna cabin. If you feel any pain, suspend the treatment and immediately leave the Infrared Sauna. Infrared waves warm up silicone based nose and ear implants. Since the melting temperature of silicon is over 200 °C, it is unlikely to observe any negative effects of the infrared technology. However, it is always advisory to consult your GP or the product’s manufacturer.

Is infrared radiation safe enough?

Infrared energy is safe. Newborns are kept warm by infrared technology in hospitals. Infrared light has a range of wavelengths just like visible light, therefore it is safe, as well. Ultraviolet and microwave radiation have a different, unvisible ranges of wave lengths.

Why is Canadian Red Cedar special?

Red cedar has a fine, straight grain and uniform texture. Its characteristics and pleasant odor create a gentle atmosphere in your sauna for many years, even if you use it on a daily basis, which makes it widely popular in private homes. Cedar produces special oil that protects the wood from insects and fungal infections. The Canadian red cedar resists warping even in such wet and vaporous spaces as saunas are.

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