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Residence on the top of the city

We already had contact to more investors who made use of our interior design and wellness services in the Residence „Dunapart” in Győr. Due to a recommendation of one of our satisfied clients we have been engaged with a new really unique architectural – interior design planning.

Our client’s dream was a luxurious apartment complex, which reflects the real freedom of shipping on the Danube with its style, sizes and panorama. As our client has an own yacht and port on the riverside Danube and the shipping is his old passion, which already became his lifestyle. That’s why we wanted to see and feel that atmosphere.

We immediately saw the potential in the empty roof terrace, we knew that we have to expand upwards and we have to be courageous. We started to think in one floor more. The continuation of the staircase is a very important function, because so we achieved a sunbathing terrace, relax area with a fireplace and a very elegant lounge bar and not to speak of the great panorama to the whole city, which is regional unique.       

In case of a property with such features the most important question is how one is able to create something permanent value from it with individual interior design. To be able to do that one needs creativity, conscious interior design planning and decoration, this way one can save a lot of money.

Basic elements of the result is the harmony in design and function and of course great conditions such as the calming flowing Danube and the panorama onto the city.       

We recommend our services for all private people, investors or people who helplessly try to renovate a newly bought house or apartment, or who want that a really professional interior designer team holds in hand the conscious planning and makes their dreams come true.

What we provide for our customers are individual interior design solutions, functional conception plans and realistic design plans.

“The truth is not in the ideas but in their realization.”

Paulo Coelho

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