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Rural tourism with the touch of luxury by an outdoor sauna house

Rural tourism is recreation in a rural setting. Rural tourism is a special form of tourism, often motivated by the desire to explore new things.

The aim of rural tourism is not the village itself but the rural setting. Rural tourism is where city dwellers meet nature, city dwellers have always been attracted by rural life. Rural tourism rebuilds the connection between man and nature.

Rural tourism is the most exciting way to directly explore the life, culture and habits of a village or sub-region. Rural tourism is a complex type of recreation, which involves rural hospitality.

The owner of the sauna house in the pictures added a new dimension to this type of recreation. His idea is to introduce rural tourism with the touch of wellness, spa and luxury. The connection of man and nature with wellness experience.

Saunas were invented in small villages, tribes, so its appearance in rural tourism is not surprising. Rural tourism is getting to know new things, also an experience and a connection of nature and healthy environment.

The outdoor sauna house is the most suitable wellness, spa addition for the closure of a day after one gets tired during the excursions, trips organized in the framework of rural tourism.

Sauna is an experience itself where nature and health connect.

As a result of the large glass surfaces of the Cube Luxury Garden sauna house one remains close to nature and can enjoy the scenic countryside while using the sauna.

The use of Finnish and infrared saunas has positive effects on health. The experience is provided by the luxury design of the sauna house, its heat retaining sauna stove and by the possibility that after the sweat bath we can cool our bodies down in the shower of the sauna or in the snow during the wintertime.

After the wellness sauna experience and the cooling down we can go on with the relaxation by using the dipping sauna tub. Under the glass roof and between the brick pillars, besides the sauna, there is a heated sauna immersion tub, its special feature is that its temperature can be adjusted with its wood burning stove.

New wellness sauna service with winter garden. Ask for our individual 3D designing and offer in case you wish to add a new dimension to rural tourism or wellness experience.

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