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The façade was made from Canadian red cedar wood, and we treated the surface with a specially developed technology to meet our client's specific vision. The existing windows in the property perfectly framed this exterior and were reflected in the property we built.

We combined modern technology with authentic solid wood design shutters. The protection for the open spaces and the next-generation modular Villeroy & Boch premium spa was ensured with an electric zipSCREEN system. We enhanced the uniqueness with handcrafted outdoor solid wood design elements and illuminated the building and its surroundings with professional and energy-efficient LED lighting.

Our client explicitly requested a spacious and comfortable environment for family and friends gatherings, ensuring everyone, from the young to the old, could enjoy the event carefreely. The swimming pool, designed with a unique tensioned water mirror, comes with a custom-built, motorized, ultra-flat aluminum pool cover that floats on water. Michael has a passion for cooking, so he specifically asked for an outdoor kitchen equipped with professional tools, where he can pamper his family and friends with his cooking.

During the interior design phase, our clients' dreams were highly prioritized, such as an exclusive cigar room exuding pure elegance. This room comes with professional air technology, where Michael can have his business meetings or even relax alone. Kate's wish was for a functional gym that greatly contributes to her health maintenance. This aspect was crucial for every family member, so we planned a complex sauna for the building. An infrared sauna for the children, and a traditional Finnish sauna for the adults, combined with 2,000-year-old Himalayan salt bricks, offering outstanding positive physiological effects.The spacious and bright communal space provides an opportunity for complete relaxation and recharging at home.We sprinkled the interior with numerous unique architectural solutions, including a custom-built kitchen island. The ceiling-integrated solid wood design wall lends a unique appearance to the interior, further enhanced by the lighting. The entirety of the building's interior is a handcrafted creation, with nearly every part made of handmade solid wood elements and design walls, making the internal atmosphere extremely personalized and unique.

What was said about us...

"I've been looking for the right manufacturer for years. We discussed the plans in person, and the biggest plus was that I didn't have to search for professionals; I got everything in one place. They involved me in the planning from the beginning, and I got exactly what I dreamt of. The execution went smoothly and quickly, and I was amazed at the end result. I am completely satisfied!"

 Michael H. and Kate H. G.


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