Outdoor wellness, 4-season sauna house


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Outdoor wellness, 4-season sauna house


What could be the link between viticulture and the outdoor comfort sauna house?
At first glance, it may seem unfounded to think that vineyards and saunas have anything in common... But there is more!


The first and oldest such link is hidden in the wood. The first and most ancient link between wood and the sauna is in the vineyards.

The next link is health. It is well known that the daily consumption of wine is beneficial to the cardiovascular system and to health. The same can be said of sauna use.


The design of the outdoor wellness complex includes a combined sauna, living room & kitchen with full appliances, an elongated dining/lounge island, 2 bedrooms, 1 study room, 2 bathrooms, winter garden, indoor courtyard relaxation/garden.

The building's 4-season usability is guaranteed by state-of-the-art insulation, glazing, shading techniques, modern mobile air-conditioning and energy-efficient electric underfloor heating!


The easy and stable access to the terraces is ensured by sliding aluminium doors with 3 glass panes.

And on the outside terraces, additional extra features provide a complete recharge!
Such as the Villeroy & Boch premium jacuzzi, built-in counter-current pool, barbecue corner and lounge bar.


The outdoor comfort sauna house in the vineyard is the perfect addition to wine tours and team building training sessions.
Friends, acquaintances, family members or colleagues can enjoy a sauna together while reminiscing about the day's events and experiences in a good atmosphere.

The combined sauna house is a great way to end a wine tour, wine tasting, excursion or training.




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