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Family house, apartment interior design in the spirit of perfectionism

The emphasis is on the details

Sophisticated materials, unique shapes, thoughtful details, a dedicated and committed approach, all based on a high level of design ideas.

In interior design, we use sophisticated materials, unique shapes, thoughtful details, and a dedicated and committed approach to design and construction to help you achieve an exclusive and spectacular result.

Every feature should serve the needs of the individual, the family and their daily lives.

This project was no different. The task we were given was to modernise the interiors of a 60m2 house built 20 years ago to create an exclusive, clean, naturalistic look.
The wall and floor coverings used in the rooms are just as important as the choice of furnishings, as they make the home truly unique.

Authentic solid wood elements are the most spectacular part of the interior design, and are always made in a workshop environment, taking into account the site conditions.

Premium solid wood slats offer unlimited possibilities for decorating walls, ceilings and spaces in almost any interior design style. The advantage of a Canadian red cedar secret door is that it blends in with its surroundings and is virtually unnoticeable.

The kitchen has been modernised to include an island kitchen counter. The exclusive-looking stone (quartzite Australian dream) used on the kitchen island was reintroduced to the living room fireplace wall.

A section of the living room has been converted into a lounge conservatory to enjoy the beauty of the garden all year round through a large glass area.

The specially designed TV wall is fitted with hidden mood lights and a media system.
The indoor air conditioning unit is also integrated into the unique solid wood wall, so it does not detract from the overall look of the living room.

Interior design

Our creative design team redraws the boundaries during the design process to ultimately create aesthetically and functionally perfect interiors.

iSauna's creative design team will bring your Dream Home to life!
Conscious interior design and interior decoration will help you make your apartment or family house a home.

If you're considering interior design or renovation, contact the iSauna design team for a quote today!

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Interior design

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