Where handcrafted and passionate creations meet cutting-edge innovation

Where handcrafted and passionate creations meet cutting-edge innovation
Custom sauna wellness house

Rethought design

Discover our redesigned combined saunas where special attention has been paid to quality materials and workmanship during renewal, featuring unique cedar slats, premium Black Angel wood materials, and high-quality aluminum fittings that create modern interior design solutions. Combined with innovative technology, these ensure an exceptional wellness experience. The handcrafted sauna house is not only stylish and elegant but also built on sustainable and energy-efficient solutions. The perfect harmony of minimalist and modern design elements in a space where relaxation and regeneration are central.

Private premium wellness house

Technical advantages

The state-of-the-art combined sauna wellness house includes a washroom and shower. The sauna house is made of premium quality Black Angel solid wood, which ensures durability and an elegant appearance. The aesthetic concept highlights solid wood design walls and unique wall slats that contribute to the overall elegance. The custom aluminum fittings are made with insulated, tempered glazing that is two or three layers thick. The mood is enhanced by RGBW mood lighting, equipped with a modern, dimmable switch and LED light source. The architectural solutions combine minimalism and modern style.

Solid wood design elements, slats

Beneficial effects:

Infrared sauna benefits:

Burn up to 300 calories in a single use. It also reduces the appearance of cellulite, has analgesic effects, strengthens the immune system, and improves circulation. It has a detoxifying effect, removing harmful substances from the body. It's stress-relieving and relaxing.


Benefits of the Finnish sauna:

Provides relaxation and refreshment. Strengthens the immune system and helps clean the vascular system. Its bactericidal effect contributes to health preservation.

Customized exclusive sauna wellness made from solid wood

Steam sauna + Light therapy

Steam sauna benefits:

Improves circulation, reduces blood pressure and stress, cleanses the respiratory tract, and aids their health. Improves skin blood supply, warms the joints, reduces pain, and burns calories, contributing to weight loss.


Light therapy by different colors:

Blue light has a calming effect and can improve sleep disorders. Green light soothes, inspires, relaxes, and regenerates.

Yellow light strengthens positive thinking and improves well-being. Red light invigorates the circulation and aids digestion.

Home wellness planning and construction


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