Discover What a Four-Season Sauna Wellness House Means! - Revitalized Code Plus

Discover What a Four-Season Sauna Wellness House Means! - Revitalized Code Plus
Sauna House Made of Premium Solid Wood with a Jacuzzi

Four-Season Sauna Houses

A four-season sauna house is a facility that ensures you and your family exclusive wellness experiences every day of the year, regardless of the weather conditions. This is the perfect place for relaxation and regeneration, no matter the season. It is suitable for the colder winter months, where the warmth of the sauna is particularly pleasant, but also ideal for the hot summer months when cooling wellness services are desired by those seeking rest and relaxation. Moreover, it can be excellently used during the transitional autumn and spring periods when the weather is variable, and people crave extra pampering. 

Unique Oil Paintings, Unique Wellness House

Health Benefits in Cold

Sauna use has many beneficial effects, especially in the cooler seasons. Its benefits include helping to warm up the body and its disinfectant effect contributes to more effective resistance against colds and viral diseases. Regular sauna use not only plays a significant role in prevention but also in symptom relief; for example, it facilitates breathing, supports the regeneration of mucous membranes, and generally improves respiratory functions. One of the greatest advantages is intense sweating, which has excellent detoxifying effects, thus helping to maintain good health and support the immune system. 

Unique Wellness House with Pool and Jacuzzi

In Warm Weather

Incorporating regular sauna sessions into the daily routine can also be particularly useful during the summer months. The high temperature promotes the efficient elimination of toxins from the body while stimulating blood flow, thus delivering more oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells. This process not only improves the condition of the skin but also contributes to maintaining its health. Regular use of the sauna also slows down the aging processes, promotes calorie burning, and improves metabolism, which can achieve better physical condition. Additionally, the immune system is strengthened in those who use the sauna several times a week. 

Exclusive Premium Wellness House with Unique Oil Painting

Private Comfort from Your Home

The four-season sauna house is designed to be comfortable and safe in all weather conditions. The Code Plus exclusive wellness sauna house is equipped with professional insulation, low-cost Magnum underfloor heating, and custom aluminum openings, keeping the interior temperature optimal, regardless of the weather. The newly rethought unique wellness house walls are made of premium quality solid wood, hand-crafted design walls, on which a media wall and two unique oil paintings are placed to create perfect harmony. For complete comfort, a Villeroy and Boch premium category wellness jacuzzi has been installed outside the sauna house with a hidden roof design. 

Exclusive Wellness Spaces with Handcrafted Creations

Together with the Family

The community-building role of the premium health corner is truly crucial, as a well-designed sauna house can offer 5-10 different services. The combined sauna proves to be an excellent venue for social gatherings with friends and family, where health and community can both be brought to the forefront. Other possibilities include a rest area, media wall, and even a kitchenette or a top-tier jacuzzi, further enhancing the wellness experiences. The full sauna experience is added by the cooling shower and the toilet, which can be easily integrated within a single wellness house. 

Unique Wellness Solutions


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