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Sauna whisk

Sauna whisk to finnish sauna


Sauna whisks are integral parts of the Nordic sauna culture. It is to be found in Finland (vihta,vasta), in Russia (veniks) and in the Baltic countries as well. It is a tool for massage and for spiritual purification.

It boosts blood circulation and refreshes body and soul alike with its nice scent.

Let us see what types of wood are suitable and what effects do they have for the organism:

- Birch whisk: relieving pain in joints and muscles, curing wounds. The traditional Finnish whisk is birch.
- Oak whisk: smoothens the skin, has anti inflammation and relaxing effects, relieves stress. Sometimes recommended for oily skin.
- Eucalyptus whisk: great help in case of colds, since in cleans respiratory tracts. Its use gives nice smell to the skin as a result of the volatile oil content of the plant. Relaxing.


Whisks are to be prepared for use in the finnish sauna. For this we need to put warm water in the bucket used for potting and we need to put the whisk in it. Then we should bring it into the finnish sauna and let it soften gradually.

In case the whisk is very dry it may be placed in the water 1-2 hours before sauna use. It is important to get it soft, since whisking with dry whisk is unpleasant and often painful. It is better to wait until the second run with its use, when the pores are fully expanded and some of the toxins are already sweated out.

When sweating has started and the whisk is soft ask one of your friends to use the whisk as a tool for massage or you may use it for yourself.

The movements are hard to describe, anything goes from light touches when the leaves nicely tickle the skin to even stronger whisking. The desired effect can be relaxing or stimulating or both. During whisking it is recommended to place the whisk under water from time to time.

When you finnish sauna use, hang your whisk up and let it dry since well prepared whisks may be used several times.

Water used for the softening of the whisk may be poured on the stones, its scent will surely be free from any additives. It may well be used for bathing and hair wash!

Sauna whisk - enhancing the sauna experience!

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