Infrared horse solarium

Innovative infrared horse solarium for the protection of horses


New 2018 uniquely designed and built horse solarium directly from the manufacturer.

The use of horse solarium is recommended since it strengthens the immune system of horses, prevents and treats stiff muscles, prevents colds, boosts blood circulation in deeper tissues and last but not least it dries the body of the sweating or washed horse.

We use the latest TÜV licenced Philips Vitae infra technology in the iSauna Manufacture horse dryers.

The Philips Vitae infra technology is uniquely able to detoxificate and heat up the tissues with the help of the deep heating effect. The deeper the infra rays penetrate into the skin the stronger and more effective this effect proves to be. This penetrating ability is increased with the reduction of the wavelength of the infra rays.


Philips Vitae is the most efficient infra radiator on the market today, with the deepest effects, infra rays penetrate the skin to a depth of 5-6 mm. This is so because only these radiators provide the full wavelength range of infrared radiation, including the low wavelength rays providing the deepest penetration.

Infra rays gently and steadily warm up the fur and skin the rays therefore go through the skin layer full of blood vessels up to a depth of 5-6mm where heat energy quickly dissipates in the whole body by means of the capillaries.

This results in faster drying, infra rays heat up the blood circulation eliminating tiredness and relaxing the muscles. It provides a good feeleing for horses and increases their performance.

Operation without warming up time

The Philips Vitae infra halogen lamp does not require any warming up time its benefits are immediately felt right after switching on, so no energy is wasted on the contrary to other infra radiators (10-30 minutes warming up time). This is so, because halogen gas is placed around the infra string, which immediately reaches operational temperature after switching on and cools down with the same rapidity after switching off.


Remote application contol

The horse solarium control got on a new level thanks to the application we have developed. The goal with this service is to start our horse solarium from the distance, so we don’t need to run extra erands between our ranch and our home. Instead you can start it from wherever you are. Thanks to the intelligent controll of the infra heaters, their power can be adjusted by sections. This way you can make the healing and preventing effect stronger as you can adjust the power of the sections between 0-100%.


Advantages of the use of Infraworld horse dryer:

Boosts immune system

Prevents and treats stiff muscles

Speeds up the drying of sweating or washed horses

Prevents colds

Promotes the growth of bones

Improves blood circulation in case of deeper tissues

By using Philips Vitae infra radiators rapid healing effects can be achieved in case of wounds, injuries, saddle chafing, etc...

Please ask our quotation for unique horse driers or call us for designing unique horse solariums! 


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