Coloured glass decoration

Painted glass – the latest trend in interior design


Modern interior design has helped to spread the application of painted, coloured and decoration glasses widely. These concepts deliver plenty of benefits. Not only is painted glass elegant, modern, hygienic and easy to clean, it also offers a wide variety of patterns and colours. The waterproof dye makes it ideal for use in shower cabins. Painted glass can be quickly and easily installed on existing tiles without dismantling the original construction.

Coloured glass with printed decoration is an incredibly stylish and unique way to decorate your premises. Painted glass has quickly earned its reputation in the coloured constructional glass market. The unique colours and patterns help extend the existing scope of application of decoration glass as a construction material.

Today, painted glass, created through unique painting procedure, is available in the full colour spectrum. Painted glass can be tempered to provide greater resistance at higher temperature.

One of the greatest benefits of painted glass is that it can be applied to glass surfaces of virtually any thickness. It means that painted glass is ideal for shower room doors, custom-made shower cabins, space dividers, and other decorative items.

Painted glass door

Glass surfaces painted with printing technology can be used to display virtually any type of unique pattern or coloured picture, whether it be an existing art, graphics, texture, drawing or a photo. Painted glass can be fitted with decoration to create harmony with the entire interior.

While painted glass creates unique atmosphere and increases spatial perception, it also keeps the room private.

Painted glass and custom-made cabin in the shower room

We undertake to construct custom-made shower cabin made of unique painted glass and also a rear wall over the bath tub to improve the sense of security and facilitate cleaning tasks. The unique pictures let you feel like you are standing in a rain forest, on the beach, underwater, under a waterfall, etc. while you are having your shower.

Not only are painted glass walls easier to clean compared to tiles, but they also make your family bath room extremely unique and exclusive.

Besides the custom-made shower cabin and rear wall, painted glass is yet another creative concept to decorate your shower room. It might be fitted with background lights to serve as wall cover, partition wall or desk. Imagine how these items can give your shower room a truly stylish touch.

Painted glass rear wall in the kitchen

Unique painted glass can be used to complete kitchen furniture and give your kitchen a stylish touch. One of the great benefits of painted glass is that it's safe and easy to clean. It is interchangeable and easy to install.

Other decoration ideas

The uniqueness and diversity of painted glass can be utilized for a wide range of decoration applications, including partition walls, decoration walls or hand rails in office premises, stores, restaurants or even hotels.

Our custom designs and 3D visuals help you find the solution that best suits your needs.

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