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Sauna wellness spa interior

Design and construction in one hand

How does an all determined sauna designer team handle a case with a special room and its free thinking owner? Well, here is the outcome.

We have been contacted by an energetic young couple in our Törökbálint showroom, and they asked us to help them in the realization of a sauna wellness spa chamber. We had been given absolute freedom as regards design and construction, since they were convinced by our sauna references. We have been selected for the job since we handle sauna design, manufacturing as well as construction.

We had been waited by them in a quiet, residential area of Budapest for a tailored site visit. On site it became very clear to us, that we would need all our creativity for the establishment of the sauna wellness spa, since all walls had different sizes, angles and bend.

Our Client wished to have a complete spa chamber including Finnish sauna, infrared sauna, Himalayan salt therapy and steam bath. All this was imagined as a small jewellery box of the house, with all functions separated from each other while maintaining harmony.

Special features of this tailor made wellness spa include unique himalayan salt chamber, combined sauna and steam chamber.

Locally built himalayan salt cave and himalayan salt chamber

Since the members of the family suffer from asthma, the establishment of the two person Himalayan salt chamber was essential. Its very special feature is that all its walls, floor and benches are made of first class Himalayan salt bricks.
The construction of the himalayan salt chamber required on site production and precise installations so as to have the salt bricks create perfect unity.
The softly lit orange Himalayan salt bricks well harmonize with the green, optical fibre LED starry skyline.

Combined sauna secret with Philips Vitae infra red panels

During the design and construction of the combined sauna we took into consideration that all members of the family prefer a different type of sauna. The husband prefers Finnish sauna with his friends, the wife likes the volatile oil steam sauna, while children give priority to the infrared sauna.

Unique features of the sauna include the folding Philips Vitae infrared sauna panels countersunk in the ceiling, that are made in a way that they are unseen if closed, since their outside red ceder wood cover fuses with the ceiling.

The sauna experience is enhanced by the scent of the Canadian red cider and by the starry skyline as well as by the built in chromotherapy. The acid cut glasses reflect the motives of the familys preference, that is the Versace lines highlighting elegance and quality.

Steam bath for the perfect spa experience

The sauna wellness chamber is made complete by the uniquely built steam chamber. As regards its style, atmosphere, location and finishing it is in complete harmony with the other wellness elements of the sauna wellness experience of the sauna spa centre.
The healing effects and experience of the steam bath are provided by the Harvia steam generator and scent gauge.

All elements of the sauna wellness spa are made of extra wide Canadian red cedar and glass mosaic that provide a magic atmosphere in the wellness room.
We managed to create a home sauna complex where design, shapes, health and functionality make a complete sauna wellness area for all members of the family.

We got to know a professional sauna team who through their proactive approach, flexible management, professionalism and commitment to development proved to us that they are worthy to work with.

Our custom-built saunas and wellness places are already available with iPhone and Android APP control system! The application for this control system is FREE to download from Apple AppStore and Android Play Store:

Sauna wellness

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Sauna solutions for you with Himalayan salt. Recover with salt Himalayan salt therapy!

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Interior design

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  • 3D visual design and architectural plans
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  • Custom insulated, tempered glazing
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