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Jade massage bed with salt therapy for hotels

Healthcare as a service - Massage bed and Himalayan salt therapy

"Our most important value is health” - as we often say. In fact, the majority of people not only say it but also believe it and keep spending on healthcare services for themselves and their family. This is also the reason why your guests come to see you.
They would like to relax, refresh, recreate and use services which are beneficial for their health. We have developed a healthcare product combination that might be just the perfect service for your salon, hotel, wellness centre or hostel.
This service can be used by all family members even at the same time. What else could be more reassuring for a parent than seeing their children playing while they are having a massage. They need not be afraid for while their bodies are healing and developing.
With the combination of a mobile Himalayan salt cabin and a Spa Pro Jade-rock massage bed, you can give your guests the comfort of rest, recreation and entertainment, at the same time and in a 100% clean environment. The two product enhance the effects of one another and create a completely unparalleled atmosphere. Orangish bricks give the user the feeling of peace and harmony.
What makes the Himalayan salt cabin so great?
Almost everyone knows about the benefits of salt caves. Himalayan salt is the purest of all in the world making it a great raw material to build salt rooms and caves. As the number of allergic and asthmatic diseases increases, there are more and more people visiting salt rooms and caves.
This is what you can offer to your guests by having a Himalayan salt cabin. Daily use of the salt cabin helps moderating asthmatic and allergic symptoms, eases the bronchi and supports the immune system. Suitable for use by both adults and children.
The design of a salt cabin is much alike a sandpit so children love playing in it even for hours. Children can be playing in a perfectly clean environment while their parents can enjoy their favourite hobby on the Jade massage bed.
Why the Jade-rock massage bed?
The reasons why Jade massage bed is so popular include integrated hot therapy, 13 Jade rocks, massage function alongside the spinal cord, special neck and foot massage, acupressure, integrated MP3 player, tourmaline crystals located by the spinal cord and 7 different programs.
Regular use of the Jade-rock massage bed may deliver the following therapy results: shape forming, weight loss, muscle relaxing, vertebrae alignment, ease of joint and muscle pain, detoxification, dilution of blood vessels, normalisation of blood pressure and blood sugar level, elimination of numbness, strengthened immune system, reduced cholesterol level in blood and general improvement of comfort.
The most important aspect is to ensure therapies are maintained regularly. This service will allow you to host your existing guests more frequently and to get new clients who truly care for the health of their own and their families. This can bring you extra revenue and consistent growth in the number of appointments. This special product holds its value thus creating added value for your facility.
Expand your service offer with the latest development of combining a Himalayan salt cabin and a Jade massage bed. Be the first one in your community to offer this great healthcare service.
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