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Jade massage bed with salt therapy for your home

The new combination of health - Jade massage and Himalayan salt therapy

You must have heard about the benefits or Jade-rock massage bed and the therapeutic effects of salt caves. Our company has created a great combination of these two products for you and your family to enjoy their benefits for health all together – in your home.
The reasons why Jade massage bed is so popular include integrated infrared therapy, 13 Jade rocks, massage function alongside the spinal cord, special neck and foot massage, acupressure and tourmaline crystals located by the spinal cord. 
It is primarily recommended for healthcare purposes at home. However, the joint effects of therapies included may assist, when used on a daily basis, the recovery process from diseases such as back and spine problems, blood pressure and blood sugar level disorders, joint inflammation, locomotor diseases or the consequences of overweight.
Daily use of the Jade-rock massage bed may deliver the following therapy results: shape forming, weight loss, muscle relaxing, vertebrae alignment, ease of joint and muscle pain, detoxification, dilution of blood vessels, normalisation of blood pressure and blood sugar level, elimination of numbness, strengthened immune system, reduced cholesterol level in blood and general improvement of comfort.
Recommended period for home use is 40 minutes per day. At the end of an exhausting day, get relaxed on the Jade massage bed, enjoy the joint benefits of massage and hot therapy and listen to your favourite music using the integrated MP3 player. 
You no longer have to leave your home to enjoy the benefits of salt caves with the new mobile Himalayan salt cabin. Himalayan salt is the purest of all in the world making it a great raw material to build salt rooms and caves.
A mobile Himalayan salt cabin is similar to a salt cave except for it has been specifically designed for home use. You can save time, energy and money. You do not have to visit community salt caves. Just enjoy the beneficial respiratory effects of your own salt cabin at home along with your family. 
Daily use of the salt cabin helps moderating asthmatic and allergic symptoms, eases the bronchi and supports the immune system. Suitable for use by both adults and children.
A Himalayan salt cabin and a Jade massage bed form a unique combination. When used separately, they already give a large boost to healthcare and healing processes from various diseases. But their combined effects support our health and well-being even more.
They enhance the effects of one another while the family can spend their time together enjoying these effects. It has such a special atmosphere that not only wins adults but also gives children the chance of having fun due to its "sandpit" nature. It might give the entire family some perfect time through its relaxing and harmonic atmosphere. While children are playing with salt grains, parents can enjoy the unique experience of a Jade massage bed.
You care for your children's health and save your own spine from disorders at the same time. You can relax on the bed and don't need to worry about what your children might be doing.
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