Heal yourself at home

Heal yourself at your home with Himalayan salt therapy


Meet our latest interior design solution, the Himalayan salt concept in the KIKA Store in Budaörs, Hungary.

The salt wall, cave or room made of Himalayan salt is a perfectly natural solution to preserve our health. The air in a Himalayan salt room or cave is extremely pure.

Not only does it help with respiratory diseases, but it is also ideal as a therapeutic treatment for allergy, hay fever and reduced immune system functionality.

When you have a Himalayan salt bedroom, five hours might just be enough to sleep off your daily stress.

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  • iSauna home intelligent application control
  • Clear offers, personally presented
  • Hungarian-owned family manufactory
  • Custom insulated, tempered glazing
  • Free training how to operate the products
  • 15 years international experience
  • 3D visual design and architectural plans
  • Professional workmanship
  • Shock protection license
  • A+ category, selected wood
  • Recording and sharing of work phases, personal inspection
  • Custom PVC doors and windows RAL
  • Data security
  • Custom aluminum doors and windows RAL
  • Ongoing contact
  • Liability insurance
  • Factory visit without any obligation
  • Using products complying with EU standards
  • Thermal imaging documentation
  • Customized tinning for roof and backwalls RAL
  • International TÜV license
  • 5 year warranty with outstanding service network
  • Custom painting RAL
  • On site transfer
  • Unique design
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