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Make your dreams about saunas come true, choose Hungarian top quality directly from the sauna producer!


The brand (and also an international trademark) iSauna has been established to commemorate the tenth anniversary of our sauna manufacture's foundation. iSauna brand is based on our hand-made, high-quality and modern sauna rooms, sauna houses and sauna wellness facilities that have been used on a daily basis by our domestic and international clients with great satisfaction.
The fact that our quality works are recognized not only by our direct customers but also by our international partners, makes us very proud. It's extremely important for us as this kind of reputation and satisfaction have allowed us to establish iSauna, our international trademark.

Sauna manufacture iSauna 

In 2004, iSauna Sauna Manufacture was established with the mission to make the lifestyle of using a home premium sauna more popular. Our initial main activity was the production of Finnish saunas and infrared saunas. Today, however, we are proud to say that we play an important role in the introduction of sauna culture and sauna design to a broad range of audience through the designing and general construction of unique Finnish saunas, infrared saunas, combined saunas, Himalayan salt cabins and wellness units as well as premium quality outside saunas and combined sauna houses.

Our sauna manufacturing policy

Unique and exclusive solutions in the field of sauna manufacturing and sauna construction. The unique philosophy and premium manufacturing standards applied by iSauna sauna manufacture guarantee customer satisfaction when they start using our custom-made saunas. Sauna functionality and design are combined into maximum entertainment and relaxation while also keeping the harmony with nature. The authentic combined sauna made by iSauna sauna manufacture gives you all that you want during a sauna session and perfectly fits the environment.


Our company, our factory at Dunaszeg, Hungary and our professional team have been continuously working with the aim to provide our premium customers with a customised sauna they have always dreamt of where they can have rest after an exhausting day and preserve health in their family at the same time. Due to the growing demand for our products both locally and from foreign countries, we have had to ensure proper development not only in terms of personal expertise but also in terms of our sauna manufacturing technologies. Our factory at Dunaszeg, Hungary has been recently expanded with additional production space and cutting edge machinery. Our exclusive sauna cabins are handcrafted by Hungarian carpenters.The increasing volume of purchase orders along with the trust and loyalty of our customers has allowed us to extend our core activity. Our services now include the designing and full construction works of stores, bakeries, wellness terraces as well as 3D realistic and conceptual designing of residential houses and wellness centres.

Western quality from Hungarian professionals

We are proud to be able to say that all our saunas are exclusively made of first class materials with cutting edge technology exclusively in Hungary, by Hungarian professionals and that we have successful cooperation with our foreign partners for years.
Our ever changing sauna designs, unique sauna concepts and the most cutting edge technology help Infraworld Kft. create premium saunas that decorate houses and gardens or add extra services to the service portfolio of wellness hotels and fitness centres.

Unique premium saunas can only be built of high quality raw materials with high level of expertise.
All this is proven by our international TÜV permit and certification exclusively held by iSauna Sauna Manufacture in Hungary.
As far as combined outside saunas are concerned, we are the only company with TÜV certification in all Europe.

Our custom-built saunas are already available with iPhone and Android APP control system! The application for this control system is FREE to download from Apple AppStore and Android Play Store:

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Sauna wellness

Premium saunas from Hungary with international TÜV certificate.

Himalayan salt room

Sauna solutions for you with Himalayan salt. Recover with salt Himalayan salt therapy!

Outdoor sauna house

iSauna manufacture produces premium outdoor saunas, luxury wellness sauna houses.

Individual sauna manufacture

Unique solutions in luxus sauna manufacturing

Interior design

Exclusive interior design and production in one hand.

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25 arguments without compromise
  • 15 years international experience
  • 5 year warranty with outstanding service network
  • Hungarian-owned family manufactory
  • Factory visit without any obligation
  • Custom insulated, tempered glazing
  • Unique design
  • Free training how to operate the products
  • On site transfer
  • Customized tinning for roof and backwalls RAL
  • Thermal imaging documentation
  • Ongoing contact
  • Recording and sharing of work phases, personal inspection
  • Custom aluminum doors and windows RAL
  • Liability insurance
  • A+ category, selected wood
  • Custom painting RAL
  • Shock protection license
  • International TÜV license
  • Clear offers, personally presented
  • iSauna home intelligent application control
  • 3D visual design and architectural plans
  • Custom PVC doors and windows RAL
  • Using products complying with EU standards
  • Professional workmanship
  • Data security
Certificate for the financially most stable companies