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Conscious sauna design and construction

Throughout many years of our professional experience, we have designed and constructed numerous products and solutions in classic houses, apartments, gardens, wellness hotels and fitness centres.

The unique design of our sauna cabins always reflects our customers' ideas and expectations with consideration of various styles, whether it be traditional, modern, Mediterranean or minimalist.

Besides functionality, iSauna sauna manufacture also puts high focus on design allowing our saunas to not only provide healthcare services but also offer a special experience and the opportunity to have some rest.

A thorough initial discussion is followed by the assessment of needs and an on-site survey to study environmental characteristics. After that, we get started with the effective sauna design in collaboration with you. Our sauna design takes into consideration our customers' habits, expectations and lifestyle.

What makes our saunas unique is that we integrate your ideas, concepts and personality in them.

It is important for you to know that if you order a custom-designed sauna from iSauna sauna manufacture, that masterpiece will be as unique as you are and unlike any other saunas made globally!

Custom sauna design and construction all by one Hungarian company holding TUV licence.

We offer 3D sauna visual design services at no charge.

Thinking about home sauna or wellness?

Exclusive quality, precise construction
for the best price directly from the sauna manufacturer.

Contact our experts via following possibilities:

 ■ Ágnes Móczárné
 International manager
 Mobile: +36 70 949 5997

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Sauna wellness

Premium saunas from Hungary with international TÜV certificate.

Himalayan salt room

Sauna solutions for you with Himalayan salt. Recover with salt Himalayan salt therapy!

Outdoor sauna house

iSauna manufacture produces premium outdoor saunas, luxury wellness sauna houses.

Individual sauna manufacture

Unique solutions in luxus sauna manufacturing

Interior design

Exclusive interior design and production in one hand.

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25 arguments without compromise
  • 5 year warranty with outstanding service network
  • On site transfer
  • Liability insurance
  • Unique design
  • Custom painting RAL
  • Using products complying with EU standards
  • Professional workmanship
  • Custom aluminum doors and windows RAL
  • Hungarian-owned family manufactory
  • 15 years international experience
  • Custom insulated, tempered glazing
  • Ongoing contact
  • Clear offers, personally presented
  • Customized tinning for roof and backwalls RAL
  • Recording and sharing of work phases, personal inspection
  • Data security
  • Factory visit without any obligation
  • 3D visual design and architectural plans
  • A+ category, selected wood
  • Free training how to operate the products
  • Shock protection license
  • iSauna home intelligent application control
  • Thermal imaging documentation
  • Custom PVC doors and windows RAL
  • International TÜV license
Certificate for the financially most stable companies