Russian Sauna

Russian sauna with Himalayan salt
  • Russian sauna with Himalayan salt
  • Russian sauna with Himalayan salt therapy
  • Russian sauna with special sauna heater

For the experience of original Russian sauna

One of our Russian customers asked us to build a sauna in his log home which respects Russian traditions, has close relationship with nature and gives an ideal place to enjoy with their family and friends, day-by-day, the sauna experiences he has been having since their childhood.

Based on these aspects, we have constructed a spacious and comfortable sauna featuring a high performance wood-burning stove, Himalayan salt therapy and elements made of Canadian Red Cedar.

Russian sauna culture is not much different from the Finnish traditions. Temperature is similarly high, so is humidity (unlike in Finnish saunas). They use wood-burning sauna stoves only. Russian people are continuously pouring essential oils diluted in water (or sometimes even in alcohol) onto the large number of rocks in the stove.

Russian steam saunas are never complete without the traditional cap used to protect their head against overheating as well as the so-called “venyik” (i.e. sauna birch rod) used to thrash each other during the sauna session as a means of blood circulation enhancing massage.

In response to Russian sauna traditions and customer demands, we have equipped the cabin with an 18kW wood-burning sauna stove which, unlike other similar models, needs to be fed from a different room.

Wood-burning sauna stoves are so popular nowadays as they create such an atmosphere no other sauna stove can. You can hear the fire crackling while its warmth purifies and cleansifies both your body and your soul. It deserves to be the place of family and friend gatherings.

The high performance stove cannot come into contact with wood. Therefore, the Himalayan salt wall mounted behind the wood-burning sauna stove was such a perfect solution. Warmth and humidity emitted by the stove greatly enhance the therapeutic benefits of Himalayan salt. Heat increases the negative ion emission of Himalayan salt wall thus creating a microclimate in the sauna. It has orangish tones to ensure special atmosphere and mineral content to deliver healthcare benefits for its users.


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